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Is it OK to drink alone sometimes?

Asked by Blackberry (31757points) September 1st, 2011

Everyone has a beer or two when they get home from work, but is it ok to occasionally get a nice buzz when you’re sitting at home alone and bored?

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Really?? Everyone??? Nope! Never OK… drink alone….you are alone.

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Of course it is okay! Not everyone drinks, but for those that do, there should be no stigma for drinking alone, as long as it can be kept in check. However, using boredom as an excuse to catch a buzz should be a warning sign.

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I have a few by myself and float in my hot tub every week or so, no biggy.
I can get pretty happy all by myself, I also live in wine country in the middle of nowhere so I don’t drive anywhere to have a cocktail. I bring it home. haha
I prefer having a few at home rather than driving anywhere.
If you have to start making rules about your drinking then that’s where the trouble begins.

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Sorry about the “everyone”.

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I don’t know, it’s always felt weird for me to get a happy buzz going when by myself, made me quickly get lonely feeling if I couldn’t share it with anyone.

Many a night I would have a few glasses of wine while reading before going to sleep but it was a different buzz than happy social buzz.

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I think there’s too much stigma over doing things alone, in general. One thing people often feel weird about is going to restaurants alone, and what’s the problem with that? It’s just eating.

Drinking alone can be really relaxing. Like @Neizvestnaya says, it’s definitely a different feeling than a happy social buzz. After a long day, it just feels so luxurious to curl up on the couch or in the bathtub with a nice glass of wine.

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I did it just about every night this summer. 0_o

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At least have one friend so you’re not in your own head for too long. I used to smoke pot alone, but its way lame compared to with friends. I’m thinking the same with buzzin.

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No, it’s fine. I don’t care to do it, personally, but it’s alright. I just think that it’s a bad sign when you feel like you need to drink, or when it begins to interfere with your social life, or when you start to have problems in your life that seem to be related to your drinking habits, whatever they may be.
I tend to avoid stuff like this because alcoholism runs rampant in my family, so I’m probably more cautious than most.

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@Blackberry Why would it be any better to drink with buddies, or a crowd in a bar, than to have a drink at home in the evening? BTW, those who drink a moderate amount (no more than 2 drinks per day for men, 1 for women) live substantially longer and are less subject to dementia. Red wine is a particularly good choice, because it has benefits for the heart as well.

@jonsblond Great song link. That was a hoot. Thanks.

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No the social correctness police of absolutely-super-normal America will come and spank you with a wet noodle if you do that.

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Depends on your motivations for drinking. If you’re only drinking one or two to relax or enjoy while you watch tv, etc that’s fine. However usually drinking alone is not a good sign of things to come. Remember: Don’t drink to feel better, drink to feel even better! So if you’re drinking because you’re stressed STOP. This can lead to alcoholic tendencies and behaviors. And if you think you may have an issue with alcohol be sure to get help immediately. I’ve seen many good people ruin their lives because they weren’t able to find a solution to their drinking problems.

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Oh man, can’t wait asking this question to a hardcore drunkard…

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warning: drinking alone may cause duckface


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Hahah! Thanks for the answers, Fluther.

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If a person’s drinking about a beer or a mixed drink a day, then that actually has potential health benefits, regardless of whether it’s done solo.

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Yeah, who cares about mental health, when you have physical health. Shoop da woop!

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People are sober on this site?

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@Blackberry I’ll drink to that.

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Did you all know that the stout dark ales are as good for your heart as red wine?
I live near a winery and microbrewery and those are my drinks of choice most of the time, wine and the local unpastuerized Scotch Ale . Mmm

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@Coloma I can’t stand either of those. I’m a pale ale kind of girl. how’s that for my heart?

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When I used to drink, I drank alone. I had friends who were afraid I was becoming an alcoholic. When I had to stop using stimulants of any kind, I just stopped. No problem. I can have 2 tablespoons and any more, my heart starts fibrillating. I occasionally have 2 tablespoons of spirits. Still tastes good.

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Drinking alone, like most things, is underrated.

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I’ve heard that you’re an alcoholic if either A) you drink every single day or B) you drink alone.

I personally wouldn’t do it because drinking for me is only fun in social situations; I would see no point in it if I were alone.

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@DominicX You heard wrong.

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@DominicX under those rules, a lot of people have a horrible masturbation addiction

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I don’t believe there is anything wrong with it for me. I believe this might be a thing that varies from person to person

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I never got that whole if you use drugs/alcohol alone you have a problem thing. It should matter how often and how your using them not who is or is not in your company when you do. Id much rather get drunk and play video games all night by myself than get drunk in a crowded bar. Does that somehow make me an alcoholic? I think not.

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I’ll have a glass of wine the night I pluck my eyebrows and give myself a face mask and do my nails sometimes. Listen to some Billie Holiday. Relax and take a bubble bath. It’s okay :)

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Sure. I don’t think it matters at all, as long as it isn’t out of control.

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If I’m alone and want a drink (which happens with some regularity), I drink. It’s a matter of relaxation for me. I am very cognizant not to overdo, as I don’t want to fall off the deck and not have my body discovered for days.

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I like to crack open a beer and just cry the night away.

There go my sorrows…

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Beware of people who wants to have a drink with just ONE person, YOU!

Be vewy, vewy…beveyr…har har har har!

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The most fun I have had drinking in years was all by myself one night. haha
I had a pool at that time and one night in the summer I started drinking some wine, took my goose ‘Marwyn’ for a swim with me and then spent the next 4 hours or so playing my drums to music outside on my deck while Marwyn and I hung out, singing and sharing french bread and spiniche dip. haha

He was a fine friend to have a little party with. lol

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I did it almost every single night over the summer.

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@KateTheGreat I’m mailing you the number of my psychiatrist and life coach. Don’t worry both of them are certified drunks. Lol.

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haha…maybe you should speak of them in the hypocrisy question. lol

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@mazingerz88 Oh don’t worry. I can handle myself. ;)

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I like to handle a handle myself Kate.^
I prefer to drink with good company, and I’m usually the best company around. So yes I vote it’s ok to drink alone sometimes perpetually.

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@everephebe We can handle handles together!

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@KateTheGreat I’m sure you’ll handle more handle than me, but I’d love to take you up on that!

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@everephebe That may be true, but we’d have tons of fun! :)

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Drinking is like sex—it’s best done with someone else, but it’s also great alone.

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@thesparrow That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.

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Just to clarify for my own benefit, does it count as “alone” if I am drinking online with my on-line friends?
I do that quite often. Sometimes they say they are drinking too!

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The only time I think it’s bad to drink alone is if you are already dealing with a drinking problem. If it’s an occasional drink alone, and definitely not solo-binge drinking, I don’t think it’s a problem.

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Ask yourself that question when your alone and want a long neck or two.. I don’t think you’ll get any ‘nay’ votes..

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In my homeland, one finds his space and sips his brew alone.

Conan the Barbarian

Whatever woman he was saying that to No wonder you’re so grumpy!

Yeah that had nothing to do with anything and I’m pretty sure I quoted it wrong.

One thing about drinking is, however you do it, if it works for you, then it’s good. If you’re not hurting others, and not hurting yourself, it can be a pretty damn fine time. Just don’t make it a habit that will eventually make you a slave, kay? :)

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