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Will a sugar substitute work in key lime pie?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) May 6th, 2008

Like making key lime pie and key lime pie tarts, but I don’t like using a cup of sugar! Will a liquid sugar sub. like agave or honey prevent it from setting? I prefer not to use artificial sweeteners..

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I’ve been brooding on this; you will ruin the recipe for a delicious desert. Pie is rich, so serve small slices. 16 small slices will give your eaters very little sugar (only 16 calories a teaspoon, I think).

The thought of honey in key lime pie seems to me a design for culinary disaster. Do it right and then have some broccoli, perhaps?

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I’d have to agree with Gail, you cheapen the experience by deviating from the decadent nature of it, it’s supposed to be PIE, not a faux-pie-flavored substitute, so it’d be much better to have a sliver of the good stuff, than a slice of crap.

splenda would work just as well if this was for health reasons such as a diabetic, but for calorie counting and guilt-freeness, i’d stick to a smaller piece.

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to clarify, i am asking because of health reasons! my brother is pre-diabetic and most of my family has blood sugar issues. some work people also have dietary needs, so i’m always looking for ways to make great desserts that still work for everyone.

i don’t like using splenda because it’s all chemicals.. but honey or agave is naturally sweet but does not use refined sugar.

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I’ve had some delicious chocolates made with agave, but they melt at room temperature and have to be kept refrigerated. So, agave might just keep them from setting up.

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