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Ok which one of the "Supernatural" brother's do you think is hotter, and why?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) September 2nd, 2011

Is it sexy Sam?

or Demonic Dean (the bad boy).

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Ok, I have gone back and forth on this, more than once, and my answer is….I cannot pick. Seriously. Everyone likes a bad boy, but don’t we all love a baby face?

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Definetly Dean.
I like how he’s composed and keeps to himself. He’s funny and loves food. I love him.

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Ha ha….I like their car!! But Dean is cute.

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Jensen Ackles is very attractive:

He was always my favorite. :)

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Definitely Dean. Ever since I saw him in Dark Angel, I thought Jensen Ackles was major cute as well as smart and wicked funny. He’s a good actor.

He was so good on the first season of Dark Angel that even tho his character was killed off, he came back in Season 2 as his twin. And considering that they were cloned transgenics, it was totally believable (unlike the usual twin plot nonsense).

If you missed Dark Angel when it was originally on, it’s definitely worth renting. It was only two seasons. Fox has this annoying habit of canceling really good series way too quickly.

If you’re also a fan of Michael Weatherly (Tony on NCIS) he was in DA as well but more serious a character without as much quirky humor.

Def. rent Dark Angel. It was such a good series. Very imaginative and great punky type set design and quirky characters. Lots of faces you’ll recognize.

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hmmm that’s a tough one!!!
Sam definitely has the better body but Dean is more good looking.
Dean can be an ass sometimes but Sam will always be sweetie pie.
I personally think Dean is the better hunter so I would go with him.

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It looks like it’s going to be a Deanslide.

I also think Dean’s better looking, but I just found out that Jared/Sam is 6’4”. ;-o

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