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How do I get my co-worker to stop belching and sniffling?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 6th, 2008

I don’t want to hurt this very nice persons feelings – but I want to vomit.

The sniffling is the most offensive. It sounds as if he’s trying to inhale a truck. So NASTY!!

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Ask him if he has a cold or allergies. Phrase it such that you are expressing casual concern for his health and he shouldn’t get embarrassed.

Then again, you could always take the Monty Python approach: I Fart in your general direction—The Holy Grail . Perhaps he’ll take the hint.

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A good and intriguing question; a similar one was asked (not including the belching) here. Hope that helps.

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I think you should be honest. Give him a box of tissues and just say, “you know it’s much healthier to blow :) ” and I’m sure he’ll realize. I actually do an extreme in that I hate it when people even blow their nose loudly, so as not to be a hypocrite, I leave the room when I have to blow.
About the belching, I think you should start of by just going ”‘Scuse you” every time he does it, and he might catch on. If not you really should just say to him “Please can you cover your mouth” He should respect that really if he’s the very nice guy you say he is.

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Aha. There was another Co-worker and Belching question.

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From what you say he is a very nice person. I am assuming you have not approached the issue at all so it wouldn’t warrant a direct or confrontational response.

I like what XYZZY suggested.

I once pretended that the sudden inhale startled me and used that as a subtle move into “do you have allergies or a cold? I have noticed you’ve been sniffing a lot?” I even through in a “does my deodorant give you trouble?” to show I was concerned.

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Kill him! J/K I have a coworker who does the same thing. He sneezes and won’t cover his mouth and leave his used tissues all over the office. He even blows his nose at the table in resturants. I just always think of ways to kill him. :)

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Maybe your co-worker has allergies or some sort of sinus condition? In any event, that doesn’t answer why it is that he’s belching. If he is a nice enough fellow, making mention of his general health might be a good segue into him using a tissue. ^_^

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yeah, just off him. Problem solved!

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You could discreetly leave a box of tissues, some clairitin, and an antacid on his desk along with a nice little anonymous note saying that his ailments have been disturbing some of the others in the office, and ask him to please try to remedy the situation.

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Return the favor and see how he likes disgusting habits. Fart in his office.

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I have the exact same problem with a co-worker, she’s a lovely girl and sniffles constantly. I have offered her a box of tissues in a friendly manner and she held up the box on her desk to indicate she has some already. The next day I asked ‘do you have a cold? because your nose is quite runny’ she said yes and asked if it was bothering me, I answered very nice and politely ‘yeah a little’ and then she stopped!... for two days… and now I just dont know how to approach it again without offending her, but it’s a snotty sniff and constant about every 30 seconds. Sometimes I feel like throwing my box of tissues at her. I have read the above, but feel like I might upset her if I am blunt. I’m sorry but I think it is the height of rudeness to sniff constantly while you have perfect access to a box of tissues on the desk.

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Tobacco sauce, worcestershire sauce, lemon wedges or perhaps a good book?

(see link for some suggestions)

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