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You have unlimited amount of only 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 snack and 1 beverage on an island what are they?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) May 6th, 2008

Survival and health concerns are not to play a part.

I would take, in order: Pan quiche, taco bell beefy cheese and rice burrito, chicken ala king on rice , nacos with que bueno brand sauce and sierra mist.

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Hash Browns for breakfast.
BLT for lunch.
Pizza for dinner.
Garlic bread for a snack.
Beer as a beverage.

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2 eggs over med. with toast and bacon, beef fried rice with veggies, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, a bag of Cheetos puffs an ice cold Coke.

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Potatoes, eggs and cheese on a roll for breakfast.
Pizza for lunch.
Seafood for dinner (is that too general?) like a mixture of scallop, shrimp and lobster….
Anything chocolate for a snack. Pudding, candy, cake, etc.

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Coffee, OJ, yoghurt and pastry
Quiche, salad, breadrolls
(dinner is tricky) Something lamb and/or Mexican
Red wine (assuming no water shortage on the island)

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@ Wildflower changed the icon, nice!

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Wow! This is a really tough question. I think I need to think thisthrough meal by meal.

So. . . . breakfast. Nothing I ever eat seems to hold me very long. But, huevos rancheros come pretty damn close. But, a couple of nice pieces of buttered toast with half an avacado on each is nearly a perfect breakfast too.

My next quandry is beverage: beer or coffee? Why can’t I have both? Or, maybe I can. Can beer be a meal? Lunch maybe?

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Life cereal for breakfast (It’s okay I’m only 21)
Grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and honey mustard for lunch
Pizza Hut for dinner
Chips and queso for a snack
Dr. Pepper for a drink

be right back I’m hungry now :)

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Breakfast: Maple pumpkin scone
Lunch: Grilled wild salmon on a mixed organic greens salad
Snack: Chocolate
Dinner: Pizza
Drink: Aside from water, I’d live happily on a supply of Maker’s Mark and gingerale

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Waffle with fresh strawberries.
Turkey and cranberry sandwich with the fixins.
Chips and salsa
Mountain Dew

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b’fast: Bacon, cheese, tomato omelette
lunch: BLT sandwich
snack: Bacon, cheese, chives potato skins
dinner: Bacon-wrapped filet mignon, spinach salad (with hot Bacon dressing, of course.)
drink: Bottomless cup of delicious mocha latté from my fave coffee shop.

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Hmm.. does anyone know if robmandu likes bacon?

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They have bacon flavored coffee in Seattle now.

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@Allie, had to check a second time. Bacon with every meal. Gotta like that!

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Bri_L: That’s disgusting. (gags)

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pizza and beer

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breakfast: french toast
lunch: pasta primevera
dinner: cheese fondue with bread
snack: pillsbury cookies
drink: mango juice
(got all the types of fod in the pyramid :))

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Breakfast: biscuits and sausage gravy, fresh fruit assortment

Lunch: turkey wrap with cranberry and romaine

Dinner: chicken marsala, salad, garlic bread

Snack: french onion sun chips

Beverage: sierra mist

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First off, I would like to awaken each morning to the aroma of brewing coffee, frying bacon and baking bread, just to kick-start the old appetite (to this end, I might suggest we add a bit of smoking herb here).
Breakfast has to be a “create-your-own” omelet (just think of the endless variations!), fresh fruit on the side along with, of course, fresh coffee, crispy bacon and sourdough toast (see previously mentioned aromas).
Lunch: Tuna, bacon and avocado submarine sandwich on wheat, with extra bacon and everything (pickles, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives, etc) on it, chips and a rootbeer.
Dinner: Just described this one in a previous question: so here goes: Start, of course, with a cerveza (Pacifico is my favorite, but they are all good) and some ceviche with chips and salsa and guacamole (all fresh, just made) and maybe a couple of tacquitos. Next would be another cerveza with a carnitas burrito, wet with mole sauce, lots of cheese, sliced olives and fresh hot salsa, and a baby green corn tamale with green salsa. Rice and beans on the side (I’m partial to black beans but do love frijoles, too). Flan for dessert with a mexican coffee. Mmmm…I’m hungry!
Snack: a rainbow sorbet: mango, passion fruit, lermon, coconut, raspberry
Beverage: I snuck coffee, root beer, beer and mexican coffee in with the meals, so I would have to go with an endless fountain of fresh squeezed orange juice, lots of pulp, please (and perhaps a bit more of that smoking herb)

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WTF: Your dinner looks good. I can’t wait until I go to Mexico this summer.

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@whatthefluther Your post made me hungry!

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Ditto that Scamp Party at Whatthefluther’s house

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party! Woo hoo!!!

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Cool!! I’ll bring the Sierra Mist!!

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Breakfast: Fresh Fruit, baguette, butter and jam
Lunch: Baguette, gaperon cheese, salami/or ham and butter, salad, fruit
Snack: Almond croissants
Dinner: Tri-tip, baked potato, steamed zucchini, salad, baguette
Beverage: Coffee

Only in my fluther dreams… le sigh.

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@megan64 – “le sigh” I love that

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Eggs Benedict with fresh fruit

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Lox, capers, cream cheese, onion bagel
Roast Chicken
80% cocoa chocolate bar

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Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns.
Lunch: grilled cheese.
Dinner: boneless chicken wings, mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese.
Beverage: beer.
Snack: edamame.

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hash browns w/ bacon
turkey sub sandwiche
cold diet pepsi

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