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Do you find that only after having worked hard makes any form of relaxation pleasurable?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) September 2nd, 2011

How do you define your own meaning of working hard, enough that it merits you to give yourself a nice long break? I’m sure it’s different for everyone that’s why I’m a bit curious. Thanks!

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I worked my butt off all day yesterday, and was supposed to work again today. After waking up cockeyed lame I decided to stay home and eat Norco’s. Relaxing? Noop. Pleasurable? Not since I built up a tolerance to Norco, so I guess it was a wash. So it’s looking like a 4 day Labor day weekend. I’m going to have to live with it…again.

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I don’t really find relaxing pleasurable

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Wow, that’s an interesting thing to look at. Yes, everyone will have different insights. I always try to attach a sense of satisfaction or peace to a point where rest is enjoyed. Work day world has its own rhythms but personal projects optional or mandatory need that internal pea e to warrant enjoying rest.

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Are you talking about the Puritan ethic? Eat your veggies and then dessert? I no longer subscribe to that mode. And I enjoy my chores and obligations now.

@woodcutter; you need to find another line of work. Pity your body.

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I am very comfortable with just ‘being.’ I no longer feel I have to be achieving and producing all the time. I do not identify with anything outside myself as a defining of who I am.
Infact, I could easily retire and spend the rest of my days peacefully doing my own thing.

I like the saying that we are ” human beings, not human DOINGS.”

In western culture our work ethic is more along the lines of enslavement and martyrdom.

The more we are unable to simply “in-joy” ourselves the more “work” needs to be dine, on the inner level, not the outer.

Obsessive work and activity is a cover for one who is not comfortable with their being.

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After working hard, I like to take a long hot shower. It’s that shower that relaxes me and lets me sleep afterward.

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After a long day’s work, I like to curl up on my couch and drink tea. Oh, I love it.

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Something that I find relaxing look like work to other people. Some things other people do while relaxing look very unappealing to me.

That’s the way it is for everyone, right?

As for doing nothing…not my style.

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Oh yes. When I feel like I actually really, really have earned time off it is very fine! If I’m just screwing around, not getting anything done, relaxing has a tinge of guilt in it for me.

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After an intense day at work, I am usually not hungry, so I take a long, hot shower to decompress.
Fluther also helps me wind down.

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Oh yes. When I don’t work, and I just do nothing for long periods of time, I feel like a lazy sack of shit.

I can enjoy time off for a while, but eventually I have to do something productive (whether it’s work, or the gym, or washing my vehicles, or organizing).

And yes, a long week of work makes the weekend feel THAT much better.

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