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Say, one day you enter your house and see a gnome family sitting in your couch, how would you react?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) September 3rd, 2011

They may look like this but really alive in front of you. Would you run out of the door to tell someone? Make a call in your cellphone? Shoot a photo with it? Would your inner child spring up and sit there and gawk at them? Would you ask if they have gold like leprechauns? Would you check yourself in a rehab? Lol.

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Yo, I’d make them work, bitch.

sorry, I’ve been watching a marathon session of Breaking Bad

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If I thought they were living human or humanlike creatures, I would treat them politely as long as they behaved in a civil fashion. But I would also be looking for the trick. I would assume that they were ordinary people in costume or that some other visual trickery was at work.

I also think I wouldn’t turn my back on them.

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@Jeruba Yes, but in my question, I was thinking of them as really small, about 24 inches tall? Lol.

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Wait, what. Oh I get it, I’m in a new reality episode with the Roloffs. Cool.

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Laugh my ass off, then tell them to Gnomeo and Juliet their way out into my yard.

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I’d start with “are you here? why did it took you so long to get here?”. Then I’d continue from there.

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Assuming that they are actual gnomes and not a trick of some sort, I’d be way too curious to walk away. I would start asking them many MANY questions about who/what they are, where they came from, do they have any sort of supernatural traits, etc.

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@Prosb Exactly. Personally, I might even be a little teary eyed as I question them since at the back of my mind, if gnomes are real, what else could be? Fairies? Unicorns? : )

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Isn’t this why we should keep a fully loaded Glock 17 in every room in the house? To ensure trespassing scum like this will never make it out alive.

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“You’re in my seat.”

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I’d assume someone slipped me acid. Then I’d probably do this.

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I would be delighted that my living room had gotten bigger.

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“Honey, you’re gnome!”

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I’d check the frizzer to see how many Happy Brownies were missing. lol

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I guess I might hit them up for a lawn.

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I have a gnome that talks and talks and talks and talks.

He never shuts up. I have disconnected his batteries and I can still hear him say “Mom says I have to wait until I am a 150 to play with the other gnomes. I am so bored!”

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I’d have them outside, garden the house.

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For some reason this reminds me of a strange scene over this way, someone down the road from me has put about 100 pink flamingos in a field that borders the highway, it is hilarious.

They must have spent a fortune just for kicks. LOL

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I’d equip 10 death runes, 5 fire runes, and 5 air runes. Then don my wizard robes, my dragon shield, and my fire staff, and have at them.

(Hope one of them has a blue party hat.)

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From all I’ve been taught on World of Warcraft, I’d be forced to punt them.

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I would be very curious as to what they had done with my German Shepherd to enable them to enter the premises!

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Toilet paper?

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“I knew it! Where have you been hiding my stuff?”

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Well, @mazingerz88, I didn’t know what you were thinking. In that case I would definitely assume it was a trick, either a really good animated device (an automaton) or a holograph or some other technology with an ultimately human explanation.

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There’s gnome more room in this place for the [however many of them + me] of us. Out!

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Take them outside and put them in the wendy house…..too many in my house already. And I would charge them rent of course :-)

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@Jeruba Thanks. This is what makes it really interesting for me. One person would never assume they were real and with your example, go for a scientific explanation no matter what. I on the other hand, would immediately assume it’s no hologram since in my head, there’s no way that tech could be in my couch. My heart would jump in excitement, approach these creatures wishing hard they were nothing but real. It maybe sick but that’s me. Lol

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Crash with ‘em. What could possibly go wrong?!

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“Stick on the kettle there will you?” I know whether it’d work out quickly enough.

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“Gnome Sweet Gnome!”

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I’d ask for my three wishes. No. That’s a genie. What are gnomes good for? I don’t remember knowing.
In reality, I’d probably call the police because my house had been broken into. Or I’d call someone to take me to the hospital because I was having an hallucination.
Sorry. I’m having a heavy day.

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I’d cook them up. Gnomes make good eatin’! Gnome gnome gnome…

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Take me to your dealer.

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Lets get small..yeah

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