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Which one, Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Dazs?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2720points) September 3rd, 2011

So you get a night in to watch a movie, you don’t fancy popcorn, so go get yourself some ice cream…..but which is your favorite?

I have just discovered Ben and Jerry’s Coconuttlyfair….(yum) but I am a sucker for the chocolate, pralines and caramel of HD.

And please tell me I am not the only one that can eat a whole 500ml tub in one sitting?

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Neither. They are expensive and I like to make my own ice cream.

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@KateTheGreat Wish I had the time! But they are a rare treat.

@JilltheTooth Whats Breyers?

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I tend not to buy either one because of the expense, but of the two of them, I prefer Haagen Dazs. Their dulce de leche is delicious as is their mango and strawberry flavors.

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Expensive is an understatement. I buy whatever is on sale. If we want something special, we go out to get it from an ice cream stand. I don’t even think I’ve ever eaten Haagen Daz.

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I also find them too expensive. I like them both (especially Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough and Haagan Daz’s chocolate-coated vanilla bars), but if I want to satisfy my ice cream fix then I usually buy something from Fresh and Easy.

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Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey. Hagan Daas ice cream bars, and Baskin Robbins’ Charlie Brown (chocolate ice cream with chunks of peanut butter.) Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino. The all-time favorite is Breyers’ Mint chocolate chip on top of a warmed up chocolate brownie.

As for the amount consumed, I can’t get through that much in one sitting. My brother can though, and I suspect that’s one of the reasons that he runs every day.

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All of the above? I usually buy whichever one jumps off the shelf at me whenever I’m looking for ice cream (which is rare anyway).

Money is no object when I need good ice cream.

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I’m a Kemp’s or Blue Bunny fan. Peanut Butter Panic or Moose Tracks for me.

But if I have to choose from just B & J or HD… Ben and Jerry’s is the no brainer. At least they named their ice cream after real guys, and did not a make up Scandinavian sounding name to market their pseudo-Euro ice cream that’s made in California.

Other than that, I like B and J’s charity platforms.

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Ben and Jerry’s by far. H-D is too manufactured tasting for me. B&J also uses better ingredients.

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Oh wow you can get chocolate ice cream with peanut butter?? Sounds absolutly divine!!

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Snickers choc ice

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Ben? Jerry? Häagen? Dazs?
No. Markant! Live pic!

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My wife likes Blue Bell… but you can’t get that everywhere.

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Gee, @rebbel , aren’t you violating some international statute by showing a live pic of foreign ice cream on the internet?

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Ben and Jerry’s, no contest! Caramel Chew Chew..yum!
I find HD a bit too heavy for me..just a bit mind

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@JilltheTooth I am, but I am also rebellious ;-)

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@rebbel : Don’t you mean rebbellious? I’m sorry, the joke was so obvious I couldn’t resist..

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@JilltheTooth I do, but I am also afraid of Auggie.

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I don’t buy ice cream anymore. I stick with frozen yogurt these days – less guilt :)
There’s some strawberry-banana President’s Choice in the freezer right now, calling to me!

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@ucme Yes they are lush but not peanut butter and chocolate….....dribbles!

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@BeccaBoo If truth be told I like myself a big old magnum or six ;¬}

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@ucme Not sure about the magnum being big, but to eat six…...oh I am so with you, only when I am in the ice-cream mood ;-)

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I like Dryers, HagenDas, Breyers, B&J, but my fav is Baskin Robbins Fudge Brownie French Ice Cream.
Simply the best.

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Love my homemade ice cream, I have made a peach pie flavor with crumbled up peach pie (crust and all) mixed in….. Yummmmmm

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B&J’s is so yum it makes my mouth cum!

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Gelato. Only the non-Americanized version will do i.e. NO corn syrup

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I’m a Ben and Jerry chunky monkey kind of gal. I never buy it, but I tried it once and realized I would be a chunky monkey if I let myself get hooked.

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I used to a pint of Chocolate Haagen-dazs at least twice a week…Horrible, I know

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Ben and Jerry Georgia Peach. YUMMMM

I love to just make my own ice cream though. Lately ive been on a sorbet kick though. I just made strawberry-black peppercorn, winter green, and pumpkin pie. :)

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I just HAD to read this post, didn’t I. Now it’s 2:09 in the middle of the night and I want ice-cream! Grrr!!

Haagen Dazs butter peacan is my go to indulgence. But I love other HD flavors. I don’t remember the last time I had Ben & Jerry’s. When I want a quick ice-cream fix, I don’t like wasting my time reading the flavor details of BJ’s silly names. I like the simplicity of HD, and I think it shows in the purity of their flavor, too.

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