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What's a good app for recording video notes?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) September 3rd, 2011

I have an iPhone and I’d like an app that’s specifically dedicated to note taking. It needs to take videos and allow me to view the videos on my computer without too much hassle (ie without having to upload them individually). Password protection would be nice but it’s not totally necessary. The idea here is that I’d like to do a little video note for good ideas that I have and have them computer-accessible so I can look back at them easily later. I’d just use the camera roll but then it gets mixed in with my other things. So… is there an app for that?

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With the exception of video, Evernote is a really powerful tool. Works across multiple platforms and syncs across multiple platforms. Does audio while texting, and attaches pics etc. Pretty slick.

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The videos are always going to be the very last things on the camera roll if they are the last ones taken, there arent any specific apps for this.

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I am happy with the stock camera app my iPhone has in video mode.

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