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Has your boyfriend/girlfriend complained you spend too much time on Fluther?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 6th, 2008
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That would require him to log out of WoW…

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My girlfriend doesn’t get it. And yes, she does get frustrated when I spend too much time online.

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SO has complained, but it is futile!! He gave up a long time ago. He is staring at his computer screen right now, so it keeps him out of my hair!

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Nope. Not a once. I just say “hey isn’t that some british novel being brought to life on PBS” an she is ok.

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nope. Because if he did, then I could complain about Madden! ;)

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why do you guys think im still single? that’s right!

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She used to..

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She did until I jailbroke her iPhone.

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not really because she is on here as well.

JP lols wonder if i took that joke the way you intended it. Either way funny.

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My friend says to he’s wife. What’s the difference between me looking at my computer screen, and you looking at the TV screen watching all your crap that he can’t stand. Fair point I think.

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I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, so that’s a big negatory over my way. I have had friends tell me I spend to much time on fluther. Its usually when I’m out and about with them but constaintly on my iPhone. To them I use a quick, argument ender: “SOOOO!”. That’s probly not something I’d say to a girlfriend, but I’ll handle that one when it comes along.

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What I find extremely funny is, he spends more time on ” fluther ” than I do.

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If I’m going to be on line a long time, I try to do it when my gf isn’t here. It can be frustrating when your SO is on line a long time. A couple weeks ago my gf was gone for the weekend and when she returned, she barely talked to me, but spent hours on line talking to strangers. We talked about it and resolved the issue, but I can see how the internet can get between people.

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My wife hated it at first, but I’ve almost talked her into setting up her own account!

Be on the look out for Mrs. Bulbatron9!

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I’d be happy to meet her! I’d love to hear how she is doing with the new baby coming.

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Eight weeks left until the due date! She said the other day, “I feel like a big swollen tick; ready to pop!” I laughed my ass off for hours!

Then yesterday, I made her laugh hysterically, and her belly-button was popping out every time she chuckled!

I am the luckiest man on the planet!

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@bulba: seems like you’re both ‘in the pink’ with this! I wish you both the best on this ‘home stretch’; both of you get as much rest as you possibly can!

I’ll be rollin’ when there’s “three bulba’s” on Fluther! Peedub can play the role of Goldilocks!

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bulbatron9 aww, her turkey timer is saying she is almost ready! i’m so excited for you both.
@sndfreQ That’s pretty funny. pedub and the tree bulba’s. Sounds like the making of another Fluther book!!

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That was good!

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Fluther is not that attractive. I just spend several mins here!

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No, but mainly because I don’t spend too much time on Fluther. It’s combined with Facebook, post processing photographs, redesigning my own website, my obsession with finding the perfect font and the occasional rounds of solitaire.

This is all done with my husband sitting next to me on his PC, playing Battlefield, SimCity 4, and Battledawn (which I also play). Our PC’s are just part of our lives, but thankfully not an extension of my husband’s penis. Then I suspect we’d have some serious problems.

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Mr. bulbatron9,
I sooo have to tell you this… You sound like you are “ONE AWESOME HUSBAND!” When you said, ” I am the luckiest man on the planet?” Well, you made me choke up… That was the most romantic, sweetest loving comment, I believe a man can say to his wife especially now when she is so close to term. You and your wife are very blessed! That was really a great thing you said.

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Thanks sccrowell!

It’s true, I am the luckiest man on the planet! I love my wife more than anybody on earth, but she will be second in about eight weeks!

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My husband was kinda quizzical about my assisted love affair with kevbo. But
since it was short-lived (except in eternal memory), he went back to his
own online pursuit: reading, and then quoting to me aloud and at length, articles
blaming the Bush administration for every problem ever known to man.

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This question was asked a while ago but I’m answering anyways :)

No he doesn’t..I get mad at him though for showing me the site and getting me addicted to it. He laughs

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No but when I last did have a bf, he complained nastily about my time spent on anothe
site (I hadn’t found fluther yet). My retort was I spent so much time on (defunct site) because he spent so much time of COD4 which I had no interest in. I didn’t see the problem for me to my thing while he was doing his even though I’d much rather we’d been doing something else together like getting out of the house or being in the house but naked, stuff like that.

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My wife doesn’t complain.

She just can’t understand why anyone would want to sit at a pc to ask and answer insipid questions.

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