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When did you start wearing glasses and what is your current age and prescription?

Asked by brntholland (29points) September 4th, 2011

For instance: age 5, currently 27 and wear -8.75 contacts.

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Text book at 40. lol

For reading only.

Now, at almost 52 I am just on the cusp of maaybe needing some sort of prescription.
I still use basic reading glasses in the 2.50 zone, but…I have started wearing them to watch TV this last 6–8 months and am noticing my driving vision is getting just slightly fuzzy. Most likely I’ll be making an appt. for an eye exam in the next year. 0–0

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Reading glasses (1.5) at 42.
Currently 2.0 at 44.

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I started wearing glasses in school to see the board when I was 18. I started to wear them pretty much all the time when I was about 22. I’ve no idea what my prescription is – it’s different in each eye. I’m 31 now and have had to (by law) wear my glasses while driving for about 7 years or so.

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I have no idea what my prescription is but I think I started wearing glasses when I was about 17, and I’m 19 now.

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I started wearing glasses at 11, but needed them before that.
I don’t know what my prescription is, but I am just this side of blind without them.

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Age 9 or 10
Current 20, left: -2.75 right: -3.00

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I had no clue I was nearsighted until I flunked the eye exam prior to driver’s ed, age 16. My prescription didn’t change much for decades (around -2 both eyes), other than the onset of presbyopia / adding bifocals. Now, in late middle age, I find that distant vision has sharpened on its own (I’m less nearsighted), so I only need glasses for near vision but not driving.

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I started wearing glasses when I was 5, I am now 29 years old, I wear contact lenses and both eyes are -9.00, but one eye has astigmatism and I forget which it is and I don’t want to look for the box. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in over 2 years, so my prescription may have changed by now. I can’t see more than a couple of inches in front of my own face, and at about 6’’ away it goes from blurry to a complete smear.
I dread the future a little bit.

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I started to occasionally use 2.5X reading glasses when I was 46.

I now occasionally use 3X reading glasses and I’m 64.

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I haven’t had an eye exam in 16 years when I was told that I see 20–30 in one eye and 20–35 in the other eye. I’m 60 now and still don’t wear glasses or contacts. Oh, when I go bird watching I use binoculars, does that count as glasses?

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Got glasses at about 20. I have no idea what my prescription is. I just wear what they tell me is my prescription after all those odd little eye tests and the “which is better, number 2 or number 3” scenario.

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I got glasses at age 11, currently 47, sometimes wear contacts. One eye is -4.25 the other is -3.75.

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Thanks to God that I don’t have an eye problem. I occasionally wear eye glasses just for fashion and needed because of exposure to the sunlight. That was the time when i was 14 years old.

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I got glasses at 19 years old, but needed to have them way before that. That would explain why I couldn’t see the board at school, I also was extremely vain and always able to bluff the eye-exam at school thanks to a photographic memory and DMV(when I initially got my drivers’ license). I was originally diagnosed with myopia and astigmatism. I am now 43 and wear bifocals, the progressive type. I am not sure about my current prescription. But, I can tell you that I am as blind as a bat without my glasses.

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I began wearing glasses at 5. I’m in high school now and I’m wearing contacts. My right eye is a -6, and my left, about a -5. I have terrible eyesight.

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My current Rx -2.50 in one eye and -2.75 in the other, adding a +2.00 for reading in both eyes. My daughter is not even 5 yet, but her eyesight has gotten worse in the past year, however the optometrist didnt prescribe her any glasses yet, because she is still in pre-school. But, there has been a noticable change in her eyesight between this year and last. My wife and I suspect that she will be in glasses within a year or two.

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Began wearing glasses at age 24, I am now 55, and wear progressive bifocals right eye is – 1.75 x -1.00×110 and my left eye is -2.00 x -0.75×85.

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My Rx changed to -2.75 in both eyes, and +2.00 for reading. As suspected, my now six and a half year old daughter is now in glasses (+1.50 in one eye and +1.75 in the other), and has had glasses for a little over a year now. She has also become more myopic (nearsighted) thanks to her daddy (me) in the past year, but the doctor wants to leave that alone for now. She will probably be in glasses full time by the time she is 8–10 years old.

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