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What's a healthy food that you prepare unhealthily?

Asked by robmandu (21280points) May 6th, 2008

Y’know… take something like a perfectly good, organically grown, otherwise ready-to-eat-as-is vegetable, and then cook it up, sauce it up, season it up, until it’s something altogether not-good-for-you, but tastes so frickin’ savory!

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With dinner this evening, I had carrots.


Sautéed with Real™ Brown Sugar.

And Real™ Butter.

And Real™ Cinnamon.

It. Was. Awesome!!

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Mostly salads. I cover them in ranch dressing. My baked potatoes get covered in butter and sour cream too. About two parts potato and one part sour cream.

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creamed spinach, vegetable tempura, apple pie

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Apples sliced with peanut butter. Or ants on a log (celery, with pb, and raisins). I tend to use a lot of pb.

Haha, I do the potato thing that JP does too.

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Alright, @Allie… no points for you! Negative points even! ;-D

Since when have CELERY and RAISINS and PEANUT BUTTER ever been bad for you?

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Haha, ok, well, maybe not the celery and raisins, but the peanut butter isn’t great for you. Right?

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I think peanut butter is probably just fine.

Now… try again!

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Fine! =]
I said I did the potato thing. That should still count.
Umm… when I was younger I used to put more sugar on my Cocoa Puffs. I don’t do that anymore though.

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@Allie, you’re killing me!

Sugar on Cocoa Puffs is simply making an already unhealthy thing more unhealthy. And does not count here. (Granted, it is funny.) :-P

And riding on JP’s coattails with his potato shenanigans… well, okay. But c’mon… this is Fluther (not some crappy Yahoo Answers mud puddle)... you sometimes gotta reach deep down for the True Answer that is Your Own.

Now c’mon… whatcha got for me?

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Ok, then I got nothing.
I’ll think of something and get back to you.

Edit: Maybe chocolate covered strawberries?

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I like to take strawberries and cut them into slices. Then I just load them down with sugar and go to town. Sometimes I make them into a strawberry shortcake, but usually its just the berries and tons of sugar.

I’m also with Allie and JP with the potato deal. I load it with butter, cheese, sour cream and usually bacon, ham or turkey. Then I DROWN that thing in A1. Oh, that’s good sauce! I could probably eat it on anything.

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@Allie, Yay!

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I’m going to try to think of more just to make you proud, robmandu!

The first cereal thing was something unhealthy made even unhealthier, but I still put sugar on my plain Cheerios until it looks like snow on mountains. I guess I just don’t like bland tasting cereals.

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I used to be into the ‘meat salad.’ I’ve also been known to pour bacon fat on many things, including healthy steamed spinach.

Sugar water.

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Oh man peedub. I use the grease that I get from cooking bacon as a seasoning to many foods including: eggs, soups and grilled cheese. It just makes them taste sooo good. I bet on many vegies it would be tasty.

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Artichokes dipped in butter, or even worse: full fat mayo.

What really upsets me is when I see people take a really nice cup of Earl Grey tea and pour sugar and milk in it. Why oh why do you need to mess with perfection?!

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I’m totally a tea sweetener. I’ll even add sugar to the tea I get at a Chinese restaurant.

This one always earns me a cold stare.

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@breanne, oh wow! You just reminded me… I’ve seen full fat mayonnaise used as a side dip for boiled collard greens.


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Wow guys… Mayo is my kryptonite. I cannot stand that stuff. I vomited for two hours one time when a girl wiped some down my arm.

@peedub- I’m totally with ya on the extra sweet tea man.

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Haha, Randy. You didn’t even eat it and you yakked? That’s unfortunate, but kind of funny.

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Battered and fried zucchini strips, eggplant slices and artichoke hearts dipped in ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

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@peedub: Sugar in jasmine tea is sacrilege! When I went to Texas, I was appalled by the “sweet tea” that seems to be throughout the South.

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@whatthefluther- you just reminded me of some others! Fried potatos, green beans and corn. So bad, but so good.

@Allie- yup, i can smell it and gag. Actually, thinking about it is making my stomach a little upset.

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@peedub NEVER put sugar in tea you get at Chinese restaurants. All other tea if fair game but never that tea ^_^

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@breanne- I know. I actually feel kinda lame doing it. Sometimes I try and sneak it.

That’s why I mentioned it. It is totally wrong. I gotta ween myself.

I also dump obscene amounts of soy sauce on things that don’t need it. Don’t hit me, but I pour it in my miso soup. Yes, I am that guy. Awful, right?

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mmmm.. Dipping strawberries into cream cheese mixed with marshamalllow cream. Its heaven!

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i fry tofu! yummy and crispy, but definitely not healthy any more..

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Awww really peedub. Dont be that guy. Do you mix your wasabi in with the soy sauce too?

Im with randy mass amounts of sugar on my berries. Especially strawberries. They dont taste right without it.

Deep fried anything is great. Turkey is the best mmm skin. Yea that definitely not healthy.

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uhh, yep. I’m such a gringo.

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Avocado in the Super Burrito from the taco truck on 5th Street in Benicia Ca. Avocados are BOMB

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@uberbatman- Wait! Your not supposed to mix the soy sauce with the wasabi?!?!? I’ve had it wrong the whole time, and didn’t even know it?!?!? It tastes good though.

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@randy big no no. It ruins the flavor of the wasabi. Theres actually a good bit of etiquette involved with sushi. Heres another one your probably guilty of then. You should never dip the rice portion of your sushi into the soy sauce.

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@peedub: Don’t worry about the soy sauce, I’m half Japanese, and I put it in my miso soup also.

@uberbatman, I’m not a sushi purist, I dip it in wasabi and shoyu. The only thing I don’t put soy sauce on is tempura. I’m a bit of a wasabi whore though—it’s even in my Twitter ID ;) I like anything spicy and strong.

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I love wasabi to the point of sweating when I eat it. I think I just like everything in general a bit saltier, not that good sushi needs it.

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@uber- man…. I do dip the rice part in the soy/wasabi mixture. I thought it was all eaten as one piece. I really need to look up this etiquette for eating sushi.

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I just breaded and fried tofu. I can’t get enough grease off it to stomach eating it.

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Whole wheat as a baking product. Yeah, toss in a cup of sugar, half a cup of oil, some fatty nuts and then more sugar disguised as mashed bananas. Banana Nut Bread is heaven, but doggone it, the whole wheat variety is supposed to be healthier? I don’t think so.

You can just forget substituting oil with applesauce, too, it just doesn’t cut it. Thank God I only have about four loaves sitting in the freezer and not eight.

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@TheHaight….same goes for fresh pineapple. Learned that one from a restaurant in Hawaii years ago.

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@seesul- that sounds so good! I’ll have to try that.

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@TheHaight Make sure the pineapple is ripe by getting the yellowest one you can find. Test ripeness by pulling out a center leaf. if it comes out easily, you have a winner. The other way unhealthy way to eat strawberries, pineapple and other food is a chocolate fondue, laced with cointreau. Be sure not to forget the Angel Food cake.

Now to try your suggestions with those wonderful ripe strawberries they are growing down the road!

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aaww you’re killing me here seesul! I wish I could to Hawaii and have fresh pineapple there. & Chocolate fondue sounds to die for!

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It’s the portion size and lack of exercise that’s killing us.

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Yumm I’m with whatthefluther, any fried zucchini, egplant, or even pickles are my FAVORITE!!!
AndRandy yeah Mayo = gross!!!

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Green beans, southern style. Cooked with bacon and massive amounts of salt for like 4 hours, until all the nutrients have been cooked right out of them. Pretty much taking any vegetable and frying it up (fried green tomatoes, friend okra, friend zucchini, fried onions…)

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I use unsweetened coconut from the health food store in my recipe for cherry coconut bars. A layer of chocolate on the bottom, then brown sugar, flour, eggs, glacee cherries, coconut and maraschino flavoring mixed up and baked on top. Yummee, but not healthy!

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