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What Youtube tutorial videos have you looked up? Were they useful?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) September 4th, 2011

Did they help you out when you tried them? How useful were they?

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How to undo her bra with one hand. Interested?
Didn’t help me much though, I still suck at it….
Even using both hands I am a disaster :-)

Note to self: develop bras with Velco clasps!

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I always try to watch more than one on a topic to see any variations. There may be more than one way to skin a cat.

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I like to watch Mythbusters reruns on YouTube…

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It has helped me to watch medical procedures on Youtube prior to having them done on me. For examples: heart radio frequency ablation procedures; mouth bone graph procedure; tooth implant procedure and Foley catheter procedure. Some folks just don’t want to know what happens to them while they are under anesthesia while being operated on. For me I want to know every small detail.

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There are numerous Youtube channels dedicated to the sort of wilderness and primitive skills I practice and teach, and I’ve learned a lot of neat tricks from them. EatTheWeeds is one of my favorites. I thought I knew a lot about foraging before watching his videos, but there’s always more to learn.

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I just watched several that allegedly explained how to rewire a lamp with a three-way socket. Then I watched my contractor actually do the job. He was clear, precise and used just the right number of words.

I learned that I can only do so many things well and becoming an electrician is not one of them. Now plumbing is a different kettle of fish. The worst that can happen is a flood rather than death.

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I learned how to crochet via YouTube videos. It really is easy once you witness someone doing it.

I’ve watched a bunch of things but my fuzzy post holiday brain cannot recall them presently.

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I see lots of make up tutorials and yea they help most of the time.

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I use A LOT of YouTube in my classroom to make information visual.

My students from a class I taught on Parenting still laugh at this one

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I’ve looked up hair tutorials on youtube which would be more helpful if I were more ambitious.
I’ve watched crocheting tutorials which have been very helpful when I’m in the middle of a project and don’t know how to do something.
Lately I’ve been watching silkscreen tutorials because I want to put custom designs on shirts.

The internet is so great sometimes!

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