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What song is ooooo oh oh oh ohhhhhhh ?

Asked by npassero (58points) September 4th, 2011

Its a popular dance club song especially in Belmar, NJ. It goes oooooh oh oh oh ohhhhh.

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I’m sorry… is that nj as in New Jersey? And could you give us some more?

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Its not Barbara Streisand. Great song but not it. Yes nj is new Jersey. I don’t have many more details unless I could send a sound clip or us singindzg it.

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Is it this?

lol, Sorry, that’s immediately what came to mind.

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Sorry that’s not it either. There aren’t many words other than the “oohhhhhhh oh oh oh ohhhhh oh ” I appreciate all the help. Were just trying to party.

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Its really Just a chant. Kind of like a soccer cheer “oolay olay olay olayyyy”

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Can’t find it on there.

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It kind of sounds like a white stripes song. Ill find out which one in a minute.

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It sounds like seven nation army.

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As @RareDenver and @SamIAm have said, I think it’s Zombie Nation as well.

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Its not zombie nation. That song was in red dragons skate video years ago. Not it. New tune. We like to party to it.

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Why don’t you just go to the club and ask there? Isn’t it easier?

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I tried calling but the DJ left already. The person that answered had no idea either. It’s 5:30 and I need answers.

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I know this is not it, but your question reminded me of this blast from the past

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Okay how about a little help: Male singer or female? Would you chance to hear it outside of a club or is it a very house/dance/electro song? Do you remember any other lyrics?

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This has a bit of “ooh ooh oohhhh” in it…

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wait. I’m having trouble equating white stripes with “dance club song”. I think I really need you to elaborate.

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No that’s not it. The beat of the ohhhs is the same as the beginning of seven nation army. The ohhs sound like the one from the Zeppelin song above. You would only hear it in a dance club. The ohhhs are the only words in the song. Sorry I can’t help much more.

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All I Have To Do Is Dream and When Will I See You Again by the Thai Cover Girls.

Really a great version of the original songs with a lot of oh oh oh in it.

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Okay so the only singing in the song is the “oohh” in the same riff as seven nation army? Hmmmm. And it’s a dance club song. This is a real mystery.

There a lot of covers of Seven Nation Army out there but none that match what you’re talking about that I can find!

edit :: how about maybe possibly this

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This is a great remix of Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob)

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please be it please be it I really think it is this time I swear

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YES!!! I even tried to upload us singing it.

Winner – Seven Nation Army (Ooh Mix) (Ooh Mix)

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hahaha that is great
yayayayayayayayay found it
my prize is to go to sleep since it’s 1:20am for me, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to til it was found :P

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the melody of that song is the exact same base line from another song which .. now that’s just bugging me all to hell.

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@digitalimpression did…did you read the rest of the thread?

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@dverhey thanks… i just got ducksauce out of my head now it’ll be stuck there again for days.

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Lady Soul????? Oh, sorry you said dance song!

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“Make Her Say” by Kid Cudi Ft Kanye West

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