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How or why do you celebrate Labor Day?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) September 5th, 2011

Do you celebrate the efforts of the working class or do you celebrate today as the end of summer? What will all the Jellies be doing on this all too rare day off from work day today??

Have a great Labor Day!

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I will be shooting at doves.

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I celebrate the workers of our country. The organizers who went before tp give us the working conditions that we have today.

I don’t like it that Labor Day is regarded as the end of summer, which after all goes until the 21st of the month of September and includes some of the most beautiful weather of summer.

I always like to cook out, although today I won’t get to.

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We don’t have Labour Day in the UK. I do happen to have today off work though, it’s 2pm and I’m still not out of bed yet, so we’ll call it Lazy Day instead of Labour Day.

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For the past few years Labor Day weekend has been the time to grill, smoke, and bar-b-que lots of foods that I like to put up for the cold season ahead.

I’m glad I did it yesterday because today it’s a chilly day here in mid-Michigan.
Have a great Labor Day!

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@AmWiser Same here! What a sudden turn in temps! Great sleeping weather but not too cold to sit on the deck and enjoy a hot cup of coffee this fine day!!

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It’s a day where people just sleep it off or go to picnics or any other outdoor activities.

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@Cruiser the hot cup of coffee sounds good, but I’m thinking camp fire.:-)

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Living where there are four seasons, it is the beginning of the downward spiral into winter. When I lived in southern FL it was one more month of suffering, and then on to fantastic weather. I do take a moment to think about those who labored in our country in the past and present, sometimes in poor conditions and exhausting jobs. Those who keep everything running, without notice from most of the population.

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It is the end of summer for me. School starts tomorrow and I’ve been tied to the school calendar for most of my life.

It is chilly here isn’t it @AmWiser !

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@AmWiser I have an awesome one cup espresso maker that works like a charm on open fires!

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I’m cleaning and working around the house. This is my last day to be able to do this easily until… around maybe October! My weeks are taken up by school/teaching and my weekends are booked until mid-October. Sad, I know… I should be relaxing, labor free!

I’ll ask my son to grill dinner though. :D

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I celebrate by… Not having school on a Monday. :D

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I shall celebrate by….. going to work -_ -

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Labor on @uberbatman Someone has to do it!

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Well, it’s a day off. I don’t, otherwise, celebrate it. I just chill. Gonna perhaps try to obtain my Platinum trophy on Spare Parts. That kind of is like working…more like labour…damn game is full of glitches…but I’m so far now…

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It’s the beginning of summer here! Usually there’s a BBQ involved and it signifies the end of the summer (school generally starts tomorrow, and it’s starting to turn to Indian Summer/Fall back east) but here… I don’t have any sort of tradition. I suppose when I have my own family, those traditions will come back.

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Just like it says, labor. So off I go to do just that! : )

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I’m just having a quiet day around the ol’ homestead over here, but, my tourist community is enjoying the last huge weekend of the season.

The river is packed with rafters and the campgrounds as well.

I went up to my local little market last night and couldn’t believe how packed it was as I forgot it was Labor Day weekend. lol

I plan on having one of my most esoteric friends over for a few beers and a philosophical good time in the hot tub tonight. The only “Labor” I will be doing, aside from the daily micro-farm chores, is to exercise each arm equally while I tip a few cold ones while immersed in the bubbling cool water of my tubby. haha

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I worked and had to stay an hour late, then rushed my bike to the bike repair shop before it closed. Now I will clean my room and watch a movie with my landlady. Guess that’s a celebration!

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We celebrate by working! I can’t remember any time having the day off except for when I worked for a school district. Vive le working class!

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I celebrated by having a beer after work.

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@Neizvestnaya You definitely need a day off! Hats off to all your hard work!!

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Labor Day is the anniversary of our marriage, this year marks 36. We used to go back to the beach resort where we got married every year. This year was kind of strange, because we are babysitting our preschool grandkids, and Hubby had to leave a on Monday afternoon for a business trip. I’ll be joining him at the end or the week.

For me, personally, every day is a work day. There are meals to fix, clothes to wash, dishes to wash and all the usual stuff to pick up.

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