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Ever been in a band?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) May 6th, 2008

What decade were your born in, were you ever in a band – if so, what decade were you first in said band?

Example – my answer is…

1990’s, no

Example of someone in a band would be…

1970’s, yes, 1960’s

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Born in the 80’s and no.

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60’s yes
70’s yes
80’s yes
90’s yes
00’s yes

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I was born in the 80’s and I’ve been in three bands. All three have been in the 00’s.

Oh, and I’m working on getting another together right now.

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your example makes no sense ha. born in the 70s, but in a band in the 60s?

band(s), 00s

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Does playing the trombone in 6th grade count? I was first chair.

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Thanks for correcting me ishotthesheriff – my bad, that was an accident.

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70’s, yes, 90’s

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born in 87’. I tried to, but it just never worked out… But hey, its not to late.

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The only thing you can’t be, if you get a late start, is a child prodigy.

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70s, yes, 90s

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50’s, yes, 60’s, also I’m a HS band director
does that count?

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60’s – never in a band but people have always asked me if I was in a band.

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70’s, yes, 00’s

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60’s, yes, 70’s

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