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What should I wear to a Whole Foods Market interview?

Asked by Paradox1 (1177points) September 5th, 2011

I have am interviewing for a “store team member” position which includes shelving, customer service, etc. Is it appropriate to wear a shirt and tie, or even a suit for this type of non-corporate position? Thanks!

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What state are you in? If you’re in California, a tie might be much, but on the East Coast, probably not.

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I would say slacks and a button up with nice shoes… bring some sort of portfolio case. Look neat and present yourself well, but don’t over do it (jacket or tie seems like it may be too much).

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Clean respectable clothing, but I wouldn’t go overboard with a suit and tie or anything. Think business casual. Your interview outfit won’t be what you wear while working, but part of interviewing is showing that you know how to play the game.

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@Judi I am in fact in California.

@laureth To me business casual means a buttoned and collared shirt, tucked in, slacks and dress shoes. Does that sound good?

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I think casual, but well put together dress is adequate, California casual works in most instances. ;-)

I think your idea of dress is just fine.

Maybe a big straw hat with fruit on it would be the polishing item that really shows your seriousness. ;-)

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Or Birkenstocks with socks. The staff at the Whole Food type markets around here are earnest, informed, friendly, patient and neat but colorful. Various hair styles, colors, some tats…they look just like the clientele.

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100% Natural fibers.

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The rule usually is to dress ready to go to work. Do your reconnaissance on the store, and dress like everyone who is working there.

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@Paradox1 – That sounds perfect.

@Judi – At a grocery store, I’m not sure I’d advise that. They do have a dress code, but it’s fairly liberal and I’m not sure you want to show up to a job interview in a T-shirt and sweats.

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I’d say anything as long as you look nice and tidy, don’t forget the details like hair, make-up and nails tidy looking person is definitely considered as a better option : ’)

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Wear a smile.

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I would make sure it was natural fibers: cotton, etc.

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I’m glad I read the details of your question. I was about to answer flip-flops. It’s relaxing to go into one near here.

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