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What are some euphemisms for cheating?

Asked by rebbel (32408points) September 5th, 2011

In my previous question I wrote in the details fill in your favorite euphemism for cheating here.
Before I wrote that I searched the net a bit to find some, but I did not succeed the only one that was slightly usable was “Parking the Lovemobile in a New Garage”, but I wasn’t sure about it.
English isn’t my first language (or, I hardly speak it, so maybe that is also a reason I don’t know them plus, I do not cheat.
Do you have some, or one?

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Playing away from home.
I would never cheat on the missus, for that would be known as, signing my own death warrant!

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Working late. Lol.

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having an unofficial concubine.

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I have heard most often: Having a little something on the side
Occasionally, I hear: Going out for some strange

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Meeting the milkman

Stepping out

Plowing the neighbor’s field

Having an affair

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how about “I owe you no explanation, woman. Now get back in the kitchen!” :P

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Doing the dirt

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My next door neighbor always told his wife he was going to play poker on Friday nights. Poker = Poke her.

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Ah, now that you talked about your neigbor, @chyna , I remember that my ex father in law always went bird watching, my then girlfriend told me.
For real, with binoculars and a bird watch book he went out :-)

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My grandfather refered to it as Going Hunting and Fishing.

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Getting some strange….

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Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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Corporate personhood.

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“Going to the dentist.” I swear, my uncle had the worst teeth ever! And it was so fortunate that his dental office had late hours…

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One that became big here when the then-governor of South Carolina was having an affair with a Brazilian woman was hiking the Appalachian trail.

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the French call it “le cinq á sept”...a quickie after work and before dinner.

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@marinelife Hahaha…how could we forget that. We turned into a meme at work when it happened. If someone was going to do something we knew was a lie, we called it hiking the Appalachian trial.

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My grandmother once referred to it as “sleeping on the other side of the bed.”

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Dirty Work.

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Steppin off the porch.

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Ending your subscription to the air – IF she finds out!

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Dipping his wick in someone else’s candle wax.

Getting an extra bar of butter from the milkman.

Getting a second ring from the postman.

Taking dictation with his secretary.

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