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Math Help? Please see details!

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) September 5th, 2011

I need some Math help that has to do with sketching the graph of each line.
(I’ll have to sketch something like, -2x=5-y
I need to see it visually though, so I’ll send a link to an online whiteboard to whoever offers to help me.

I’m not EXPECTING help, I’m just wondering if anyone has the kindness to help me with this.

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Try WolframAlpha Type in the equation and it will plot the line.

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5 – y + 2x = 0

Y -5 = 0

x = 0

so I can’t help you much more than to say plot the intecepts. of x and y. (0, 5) ... or what is needed to make x =0 and y= 0

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Thats what I’m using now, for my equation problems.

But its giving me answers like, ” 4 = 4–4 n”


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You start by isolating y, in other words “y=—-”

The coefficient of X is the slope of the line. The other number, either + or -, is the Y-intercept, where the line crosses the Y-axis. If the coefficient is positive, it rises from left top right. If it is negative it slopes down from left to right.

The slope equals rise over run, so with a coefficient of 2, it goes up (rise) 2 for every move to the right (run).

That’s as much as I can help you wit your homework.

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@NostalgicChills I entered that equation into the Wolfram Alpha site and it gave me everything you could want.

@zenvelo gave good advice. Unfortunately, @talljasperman did not.

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Look up slope intercept form. I think it is the easiest way to visualize or plot a straight line.

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I agree with @tranquilsea. Relating the general algebraic form, ax + by + c = 0, to its graph is not very intuitive. The slope-intercept form of the equation, on the other hand, y = mx + b, is instantly visualizable: The slope m tells you the direction and steepness of the line, while the intercept b indicates how much the line is shifted vertically with respect to the origin.

Using basic algebra you should be able to easily convert one form to the other.

@NostalgicChills, if you don’t my asking, which whiteboard software were you referring to?

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