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What's good drum machine software? I have LION OSX.

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 5th, 2011

So I can no longer use my Hydrogen drum machine software. Is there a LION OSX compatible you know of? Hint, the program cannot be POWERPC run. THanks!

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Garageband? Just mix several short sample cips and save as one mp3.

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There seems to be a intel binary but I can’t get it to work. I did get it to work inside a VM on OS X. If you want to go that route I can walk you through it. It is pretty simple.

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@johnpowell what exactly is the vm? thanks

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Native Instruments Battery or for straight up sampled drums Studio Drummer

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A VM basically allows you to run another Operating System inside of what you currently are using. Above I am running Ubuntu inside of Lion. This is fairly easy and free.

VirtualBox is free and so is Ubuntu. It is pretty simple to install.

You can also get crazy.

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@johnpowell I see. Thanks but no thanks! From my experience with my friends who have different OS on the same computer, the machine tends to crash. I’m not saying yours crashes, but I just won’t risk it on my MacBookPro HD. Just because I’m satisfied with osx. Thanks again.

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@dreamwolf That’s probably a dual boot PC, not a virtual machine. If you have enough RAM you can run multiple VMs at once.

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@XOIIO I’m running 8gb of ram. I’m just not interested in it all. Thanks though. If you guys find out how I could get a hold of some dope drum machine software Lion Compatible let me know!

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