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What could cause a thin vertical red line to appear on my LCD television?

Asked by flutherother (31660points) September 6th, 2011

I first noticed this a week ago and I cured it by switching the set off for a few minutes. It happened again this morning and I had to switch the set on and off several times before it cleared. Any idea what causes this?

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I don’t know but how long have you had it and is it still under warranty?

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Are you getting this when you turn it off and on only with the remote control?

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Download and run the program jsceenfix .
That might work for you.
Let us know what happens.

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I had that happen on a computer screen when it got a little wet in the rain.

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@zensky The TV is out of warranty I’m afraid
@Brian1946 It happens when using the remote and the TV on/off switch
@worriedguy Thanks, I’ll try that
@filmfann No it hasn’t got wet.
Thanks for your replies.

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