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If you could add something to starbucks what would it be?

Asked by elguapo (11points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone


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People get pissy about their coffee.

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Free Wifi. Seriously. How hard is that?

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i would take away the carcinogens.

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pleaseee lower the prices starbucks! I just spent 40$ on gas and am not in the mood
to pay 5$ for a sugar coffee drink.

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i’m with the haight. their prices are ridiculous. i can get a good cup of coffee, or any “fancy” mix of kindofcoffeebutnotreallymuchinit coffee for at least 2 bucks cheaper every where else in atlanta.

oh, and fair trade. completely.

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Thats what I ment by the free comment. Those guys are really proud of their goods. Their prices are my biggest problem but i don’t go there that often for the same reason.

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If I could add something it would be cheap Mp3 players built into each table with a wide variety of music in each. Many people go in there alone and would enjoy it I think.

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Lower prices and new decor

I hate the way they look inside. I feel like I’m stepping into 10 yrs. ago.

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Free WiFi.

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GD nailed that one.

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A Lighted Match.

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In San Antonio we have free WiFi for iPhones, I really don’t drink too much coffee so I don’t really care that it is $3.75 for a cup o’ joe. The people here are friendly in north San Antonio so I can’t pin them for that. I would have to say more big comfy chairs, preferably reclining, they usually only have like 5 or 6 at the most and they are usually taken.

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I don’t understand MrKnowItAll’s response.

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It would be nice if Starbucks actually served good coffee! Those of us that are extreme coffee snobs call them Charbucks because they intentionally over roast their coffee beans to homogenize the taste of the coffee. That results in a bitter cup with all of the subtle nuanced flavors of good coffee utterly destroyed. And I echo the comment about them offering free WiFi!

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Did you guys not know that free Wi-Fi is on the way?

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Free Wi-Fi to Starbucks card holders…..get a card for just $19.95 a month.

Hmmmm… much is the Wi-Fi at Starbucks currently?

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the ones around me have free wi-fi? ...

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Ive never tried it, but I was told that the ones in my area have it as well. My area is central AR by the way.

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No, no, no… a Starbucks card is simply one of those gift cards you put money on. To get the free Wi-Fi, you enter a valid card number, but no money is deducted from the account, at least for the two hour period that’s free.

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coffee flavored beer!!!

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I would add back the short-lived but heavenly Chantico. It was a very strong, short serving of the creamiest yet not sickenly-sweet hot chocolate.

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Service of Peet’s coffee

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Not stale baked goods. They had awesome cupcakes for a while but of course they don’t have them any more.

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I would add more tact. Starbucks might as well be McDonalds, they are everywhere. I have four in walking distance from my house.
Howza bout potato plates and coffee cups? Super biodegradeable.

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Dunkin donuts coffee.

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How about coffee that tastes good? I hate their burned, bitter beans.

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about the wi-fi… apparently there’s been some hiccups in the rollout.

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Free Wi-Fi.

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