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Can anyone recommend a reliable moving company?

Asked by craziprincess (130points) September 6th, 2011

We are moving from Chicago, IL to Orange County, CA. We live in a two bedroom, two bath apartment and need a moving company to transport our stuff and possibly help with some packing and unpacking. So far, we have obtained one estimate from Mayflower but would like to compare the rate with some other companies. In addition, I have read on Yelp that Mayflower’s estimate and final bill are two very different rates, not sure if that is true.

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Breda has moved me twice and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

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I have had good luck with United.

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I’ve moved all over the country. My husband’s job required we moved about every two years. The company paid for packer/loaders/movers. We’ve used Graebel Movers, who were my absolute favorite; United, who I wouldn’t use again; and Mayflower. I liked Mayflower. They actually dropped our price after our stuff was weighed. It turned out to weigh less than the estimate.

So, after seeing so many differing opinions, it really just depends on the individual people who show up to move you. Communication with your driver is essential.

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United and Habitat for Humanity. I mean they gave my family & me a good home(4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms) for as low as 1$1,300 a month.

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Thanks everyone for the recommendations. We’re debating between Mayflower and Graebel, we got an estimate from both and they were pretty much exactly the same. We are leaning towards Mayflower because my husband’s work has used them in the past and they were good. Thanks again!

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You are welcome. I hope everything goes smoothly.

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