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How much do you actually love your fellow jellies?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) September 6th, 2011

Would you share with them if you won a big lottery?
Do you cry when they cry?
Do you honestly care about their lives away from Fluther?
Have you formed amazing friendships here, even if you’ve never met face to face?

Or are they mainly just “acquaintances” that you talk to only on Fluther?

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There are and have been quite a few people I have met I appreciated getting to know them. Many are long since gone though. There are a couple of Jellies I would share lotto money with who I know need it a lot more than I do.

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There are a handful of jellies that I can say are friends. I’m even going to open my home to a couple, if they ever make it to Hawaii, but the majority I would play tour guide for after picking them up from the hotel.

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Would you share with them if you won a big lottery? Probably not, but then I wouldn’t be sharing much of that with folks I know in real life.

Do you cry when they cry? Usually—I am moved by many of the stories here. It really depends on how much I’ve connected to the individual.

Do you honestly care about their lives away from Fluther? Yes, no. Yes, I do care about many (but you’re still not getting the lotto winnings); and there are some who have never captured me with their words.

Have you formed amazing friendships here, even if you’ve never met face to face? Not amazing friendships, but some very nice acquaintances that I’m hopeful will become amazing over time.

Or are they mainly just “acquaintances” that you talk to only on Fluther? That’s pretty much my description of my level of connectivity at this time, but I do hope it grows deeper.

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It takes time to develop good friendship really even online… I think sadly a lot of my friends in real life are more like acquaintanceship than good friends…

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Well, I don’t actually know anyone, so not at all? The word love is thrown around, so I would say that I like a lot of jellies. I don’t really cry, and I care enough about thier lives that I would listen if they wanted to talk, and yes, I would share lotto money.

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Truly? How can you love someone you don’t really know, who could be making up everything they say? I am touched by what I hear. I feel sympathy. I am impressed with the wisdom and intelligence of a lot of us. I appreciate a great many of sincere responses there are in respect to problems people have. I laugh at a lot of the humor.
But love? That’s a serious word in my vocabulary. I can’t say that, although probably there are those who could. I’d say it as I would for a fictional character, perhaps, but no more.

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Love is not a term I use lightly any more.

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I never expected I’d be able to connect so well with some of the jellies. There’s a bunch that I consider as friends. If I were to lose contact with them I’d be bummed.

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Kinda puttin us on the spot there,huh.

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There are Jellies I really felt I connected with here, never having spoken fact-to-face. There are some I would break of some love to, (even in small ways) if I won the lotto. Every Jelly who could make it would be invited to a Flutherluck in Golden Gate Park should I hit the lotto, to meet you all, and torture some I am sure. There are some Jellies I would love to break off, but I would have to see if they were nicer and more logical in person or I would feel I was being disingenuous just giving them something on GP.

I can’t say I actually hate any Jellies, though some I wish were just nicer, more logical, and less anal. :-)

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Similar to @Hypocrisy_Central, I’d love to treat my fellow jellies to a party somewhere. There are a few I’d love to meet face-to-face and a few of them I’ve met already when they were members. A few of these I consider friends rather than acquaintances and we’ve kept up face-to-face visits and fun over the past few years. I’d love to find that again with some (new) jellies. I never expected that kind of boon from internet communication.

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It is a time as a newbie to try to connect with some I feel more kindred to but always am interested in views that are different, as long as well founded. I have really taken a shine to a couple people because of their hearts and or imaginations. This to me is the interest more than shining intellect. Also I feel that @WillWorkForChocolate is using the word love in the true global/spiritual sense of the word as opposed to emotional warm fuzzy love that belongs to those who share lives together in home and community. Love in the context that is appropriate for most jellies is the love that wants good things for the other people on the planet AS MUCH AS they want them for themselves. It is akin to “Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Not just pass a few pleasantries but really listen and care and as has been talked about so often on this network, to read the question and determine what is really being asked and then give your best answer in truth or fun as the reply may warrant.

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I lurve you all, but I love no one in the sense of loving like I love my girl and my family.
I love that I am friends/friendly with some Jellies, and I am pretty sure that I could feel love for those Jellies would I meet them in person and would I spend time with them.
The ones that I talk about here I do feel a kind of love for, the love that I feel for real life friends and some colleagues, but it is different also from that, in that it is based upon an online communication, one that lacks the face-to-face experience.
With at least one Jelly I would feel very at ease to share some money with.
If I knew others who could do with some, I’d gladly part it.
Of course there are some needy people in my real life who would deserve it too, so I need to win a substantial amount.

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When I eventually bring about the end of days and destroy all… there are a great many jellies that will be saved. These are people that I love and would do anything for.

If you find that you are on this list, congratulations! we will re-populate the earth in a style that is in accordance with the principles first proposed for the fluther deserted island.

If you are not on the list…

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I think of Fluther in some ways the way I think of my family of siblings: “You’re fine folks and I lurve you in the abstract and at a remove, but I’m not inviting my family to live with me any more, either.”

The kids are welcome any time, and they know that. Come early; stay late; move in. That’s all good. Brothers and sisters… well, let’s keep in touch.

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Would you share with them if you won a big lottery?
Yes, so someone could track me down and rob me.

Do you cry when they cry?
I cry from laughing so hard that they’re crying.

Do you honestly care about their lives away from Fluther?
Wait, they have lives outside of Fluther?

Have you formed amazing friendships here, even if you’ve never met face to face?
Yeah, like, at least, three or four… no, I haven’t.

Or are they mainly just “acquaintances” that you talk to only on Fluther?
Just “acquaintances”, so when I win the lottery they can’t figure out where I live and rob me.

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There are a few I care a lot about. If they showed up at my door, I’d take them in and give them whatever I could.

But most are acquaintances or friends. I’d go to a party or have a beer or dinner with them. I’d by sympathetic and for some, I’d even cry.

I’ve met a couple face to face, even.

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@wundayatta What’s for dinner? I’m gonna have a seat, here. Can you go get me a beer? :)

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There is only one here I trust, and I love him dearly.

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@jonsblond I don’t think your husband would appreciate that lol.

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What?? There’s a husband? Who?

Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone that I think would be a husband.

Must be a user that lays low.

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I splooge lurve when I log in.

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There are a few people here that I am friends with. Everyone has their own special uniqueness.

If I won the lottery, I’d share with them. Especially those with families…it can be hard.

I don’t cry much, but when one of them is hurt or going through something tough, I feel horrible and wish them the best.

I care about their lives outside of Fluther because they all have an interesting little story going on outside of the Fluther world.

And yes, I have formed some amazing relationships here. There are a few people on here that I talk to very regularly and I’d do anything to help them. Not to mention, they have been there for me through my hard times.

You guys know who you are. ;)

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I love some more than others.

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@smilingheart1 got it right. I just meant love as in “I love my friends”, not like sloppy, “I’d leave everything for you” kind of love, lol. Perhaps I should have said “lurve” instead, for those who are picky…

I “love” a lot of jellies.

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Yeah, I am another one that doesn’t like the “L” word. I do, however, care very much about my jellies… a handful in particular that I am closer to than others. I care very sincerely, and that includes their lives outside of Fluther. Just because I haven’t seen you face to face, does not mean that you aren’t my friend.

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I miss some of the old folks and the old times too.

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I must say LOVE is a big words… I only say it when I mean it… :)

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I’m jumping on the special usage of “love” bandwagon.

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I really haven’t connected very closely with anyone…

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“Love” is a bit strong.

I wouldn’t say I “love” anybody here, as I’ve never met any of you, but there are quite a few people here I wouldn’t mind meeting and chatting with. Then we can talk about “love”.

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@Brian1946 Yeah, I jest. :)

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If I won a big lottery, there are a few jellies that I would insist on assisting.
However, I do know that “Get lost!” means “No thanks!”. ;-)

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Love? I don’t love any fucker here. XD

Just some humour. I denno if I love anyone, prolly not, but there are definitely some on here who have been extremely awesome friends, such as it can be online. I’ve shared lotsa stuff with them, and them with me. Some people I definitely feel that I have a strong bond with. Would I give money to some peeps if I won the lottery? Probably, yeah. I’ve had one friend on here even offer to send me money when I was broke as shit. I worked it out on my own, but I know they would have actually send it, otherwise. This isn’t something Imma forget, so if I won the lottery, yeah. And anyways, if I won like thirty million dollars, the fuck’s a few millions here and there? But my grandma’s first. :p

Do I cry when they cry? Perhaps not literally. But I hate it when some friends are going through hard shit or have to deal with all this bullshit. It’s like, this shouldn’t be happening, but it is. And there’s so little I can do, if anything at all. You wanna be supportive to your friends cuz they are of you, and when it doesn’t work, it’s like, fuck! Someone you like, you wanna see them well, right?

I also have acquaintances. That’s not a bad thing, just really cool people I sometimes talk to, but haven’t really got to know. But yeah, if I did win a lottery, I would make a huge party, pay all the expenses and get everyone who wants to come for this huge gathering.

Then we can get naked, slaughter some goats and dance in the moonlight while singing O Fortuna backwards.

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@Symbeline “Then we can get naked, slaughter some goats and dance in the moonlight while singing O Fortuna backwards.”

We must make this happen.

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This ol’ goat ain’t gonna show up. That’s for sho’. He ain’t no lamb to the slaughter—get it?

Now, if you were having a satyr-friendly event, I just might show ;-) That’ll be me, standing next to the priapus…. or is that me who is the priapus? Well, you won’t find out just standing around doing nothing.

Berserker's avatar

@KateTheGreat And as such, it shall. So commands our dark lord, Nyarlathotep.

@wundayatta Well, dark lords are like the priapus…aren’t they? Debauchery!

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I dunno about love, but I’m very fond a handful of people around here. I’d probably give some of my mass fortune away if I struck it rich, I mean, why not? I dunno if I necessarily cry when they do, but I sure do hope the folks who are hurting find comfort. There’s only so much I can do, after all. That being said, I think the idea of meeting some of them face-to-face one day would be pretty solid. Pretty solid indeed.

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And kill every motherfucker who runs up the hill. :)

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You got that shit right, @Symbeline! Get fucked up and fuck up with you! ;)

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Oh my. I love you guys.

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It varies.

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I am about to change to my avatar with boobies in support of another jelly.

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What, faceless keyboard tappers? Patrons of the interwebz? Love?? That’ll be a no then!!
Some of you are cool though & deemed worthy of my support ;¬}

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I would eat a onion if I had to choose between that and Allie eating one. I care about her that much.

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There are people here I would send money to if I could, so lottery sharing is on.
I do cry when they cry, and laugh when they laugh. Sometimes I even laugh so hard I cry. I cry just in the course of doing my job sometimes, too.
I genuinely care for a great many jellies, and am in contact with loads of them off-site, and have formed several great friendships. I lurve you people.

But stop naming names, damn it!

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@augustlan No names? But so many of us love YOU, Auggie! =0)

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Boooooooooobies!!!

@KateTheGreat And we love you right back, sweetie!

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@augustlan What’s wrong with naming names?

There’s Al and Fred and boostigwoogia and glomperge and nylexia and….

oh—you meant jellies? Never mind.

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Why was I modded?

janbb's avatar

Surely we’re allowed to name names in posts, just not in questions, or is this some new dictum?

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No naming names (even past member’s names) in questions like this, in the question itself or the answers. It can lead to popularity contests and hurt feelings. Sorry, guys.

janbb's avatar

Popularity contests? There is no popularity contest; all agree that the Penguin reigns supreme.

janbb's avatar

PS How about naming past member’s members?

Response moderated
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[mod says] Let’s make this official. Please don’t mention specific members in your answers. Thanks!

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I lurve you Miss Community Manager!

see, I didn’t use a name ;)

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I lurve you all so much that I want to invite you all back to my place and do the nasty… Except you, yeah you with the face

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I’d gladly give each of them one of my kidneys.

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I’d trust quite a few of you to goose sit. ;-)

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I love flipper lady from Jersey and the wee pixie from NoCal.

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Like those Canadian beavers a lot too!

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While I don’t feel close to most of you, I think you’re a likable bunch of people for the most part. :)

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I would be happy to give the community manager a kidney. I just haven’t decided whose, yet.

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Just make it a big, juicy one, please. :p

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