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where can I find women's bathing suit bottoms that look like boy-shorts?

Asked by sfgal (280points) June 19th, 2007

I've noticed some stores, like Old Navy, have bottoms that aren't itsy-bitsy but they're still more like granny-pants underwear than shorts. I"m looking for something a little bit longer, for some "strategic coverage"... someplace that's not mail-order, so I can try 'em on first. Any ideas?

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I'd try looking online first. That'll give you a quick idea of what style of boy-shorts you want.

Check out this link: short swim suit.html

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You could always buy male surf shorts and wear a normal bathing suit bottom under em.

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Or get Roxy or O'neil surf shorts. They do them quite short too if you're looking for shorter ones.

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delia's, american apparel

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How much coverage do you want? Are you average-size or plus-size?
Eddie Bauer has these on sale:;=3|21473|21291|24446&lview;=&cm;_cg=C24446&tid;=&c;=≻=&lp;=w1i043

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maybe j crew.

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if you want to go the cheap route – check out target and old navy for sure. and the expensive route…. hmm, there’s a store called “everything but water” check it out online

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