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What is the best way to study for a test?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m having problems remembering stuff.. And staying focused.. ;)

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Making sacrifices and lots of self-discipline.

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In the school library, in a secluded corner, so people are not distracting. Turn off your cell phone, and make notes as you read of important dates, points, arguments, etc. I have found that I get burned out after a couple hours, so it helps to get up and get lunch somewhere, and then go back to it after eating and walking around a bit to clear your head.

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I was always a big fan of using flashcards and just writing stuff down in general. I find it helps me remember things better than just reading it.

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Go to your adviser and figure out what your style of learning is. I am a visual learner who does really well with repetition too. I use flashcards and pictures to help me memorize things that i’m not interested in.

Also, to note, I memorized the names of the fathers of anthropology to the tune of “Music of the night” from phantom of the opera. Its a great method for cramming.

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Notecards are a life saver when it comes to massive amounts of info. I find that going through each & every sentence in my notes & creating a potential test question out of them is incredibley proficient & helps better prepare me for the exact material I can expect to see on my exam. GET AWAY FROM ACCESS TO FLUTHER As much as it pains me to say it, Fluther is an inevitable distraction when it comes to trying to study. (I can say so from much experience, lol) neumonic devices help tremendously as well. Good luck on whatever it is you’re studying! I hope these few tips have been of some assistance… :)

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Need more information. How long do you have left until your big examine. Are you trying to cram or trying to make studying easier. What level of education are you at ie high school or college? Is there a particular class or topic you are having difficulty with. What kind of test is it ie multiple choice I’d essay. If any of this is too personal you can send me a message

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@luckVII, I am a freshman and it is a end of the year final exam of everything we have learned! The actual test is on next Friday so I’m just trying to figure out how to study for it properly!
@everyone else, thank you for your suggestions!!!

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form a study group- each bringing 200 flash cards and each take a turn. Do not forget to write down EVERYTHING your professor writes down on the board- chances are it will be on the exam if it was important enough to write down.

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I agree with old dog form a study group but be selective who you invite. Pay attention to the ones who have been doing well in your class on what you should focus on each section. But do not think that study group means that you are studying. You have to do that by yourself. Have a specific list of topics/sections that you guys and girls will cover. Study that section ahead of time then go to the study group. Compare what you thought was important to what others thought was important. If a particular topic got you stump this isn’t the time to be shy just say you don’t understand and ask for clarification. Keep an eye on time if you go over time and feel that you can’t focus anymore go home. After the study group go home and compare your notes with what you learn in the study group. Adjust your study technique to what you learned was critical. Please do this hopefully before Tuesday. You will want to leave at least 3 full days to study by urself before the examine. Keep the phone numbers of those you feel comfortable asking questions so that you can call them if you have questions. Do not be afraid to leave a study group if all they do is goof off or waste time. Last thing is probably stop using fluther during finals week unless you seeking specific help. Hope this helps you out. Goodluck on your finals

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Luck is right – especially on picking the study partners. You have to pick students who are at or above your level of motivation and learning. Otherwise you will end up tutoring slacker students wanting a quick fix to pass.

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you should take a learning styles diagnostic test (you know, visual, audio, tactile etc.). that can be really helpful, because it’s different for every one.

personally I’m high visual/non-verbal. I like to actually make notecards as i read and then study those, and i often do them in funky colors, and highlight key words in the answer to help me remember. i also make answers into lists whenever possible, so that I can say “What are Kubler-Ross’s stages of dying, I know there are five…” and that helps me make sure i remember everything there is about it.

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No sure answer but self discipline and hard work. You have to figure out what works for you. My advice to my kids was always : a quiet place, no radio etc, take hour breaks, stay on the job. I’m a big believer in flash cards and outlineing.

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