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What subjects are taboo on Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) September 6th, 2011

I asked this question almost exactly a year ago using different wording.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I find that I self-edit sometimes on Fluther. I don’t ask questions about some subjects—spirituality for one—because they have been roundly condemned in the past. Like most members, I avoid questions that I have no knowledge of and questions that I simply don’t want to engage in. For example, I very rarely answer questions marked NSFW.

I’m curious. Am I alone? Do other members here leave some subjects alone for various reasons? If so, why?

Are some subjects simply taboo? Are there questions that are off limits for Fluther?

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Honestly Jake, I enjoy this place because people take time to answer my impractical concerns.

When should you say something to casual racism?
When are you being rude in a strip bar?
Why did being for gay rights become ok?

People are actually taking the time to think a minute and give me an answer that helps me make sense of my little universe.

I feel an obligation to answer their concerns when I think the subject may be taboo. The less I want to answer, the greater that obligation kinda strikes me.

People should be allowed to ask anything within the guidelines that is obviously not redundant.

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I don’t think any subjects should be taboo. Anything and everything can and should be discussed. That doesn’t mean that I personally am interested in discussing every topic there is, but I don’t think any topic should be “off limits” here as long as the question is worded without personal attacks or anything like that.

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Any question regarding scat or snuff fetishes.

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What do you have against Ella Fitzgerald and powdered tobacco?


Questions that would be very controversial, hideous, and almost unthinkable, like “Why isn’t it okay to rape children and murder them?,” “Why are women so stupid?”, “What are some horrible torture methods that can be used during sex?,” etc. I think questions like that should never be asked. Not that they can’t be, but just that they shouldn’t be, so they’re taboo.

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Grandma’s orgasms & the pros & cons of using a dwarf as a footstool.

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Just because a question elicits a response that the OP hadn’t intended (no response or one that is contrary to their views) doesn’t make it taboo.

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I have never really felt any question is taboo off subject matter alone. In any category there can, and usually are, tons if stupid, illogical, and asinine questions. Off of subject matter be it necromancy, pedophilia, bestiality, rape fantasy play, sports hunting, racism, etc I don’t see why any of those subjects cannot be breeched if handled in a logical way in seeking some discourse or resolution, even if you agree to disagree on it. If it can be done civilly without clouding any logic in the question by emotional peccadilloes, and attitudes.

The questions I stay away from mostly are the ones where people are asking things that they should know. I can’t tell anyone which shoes, TV, music, etc they should like. I know what I like but I don’t expect their taste to be as mine would. I don’t answer questions dealing with fact I don’t know, like quantum physics. I steer clear of most relationship questions because you just have to go back over the question archives, find one like yours, it has all pretty much been said already, and go by that, though I think most people if they thought hard enough, they should be able to see the logical conclusion anyhow.

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It isn’t the topic, it is the question. Anything can work as long as it is properly framed.

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Just about anything can and should be discussed here. Of course, we won’t help you rob a bank or hide that body from the cops, nor will we watch you kill yourself or do your homework for you. Other than that, it’s pretty much all acceptable.

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I would think anything that’s legal and not spam shopuld be aceptable here, however there are a few topics I won’t touch, if I don’t know enough about them or don’t have any useful opinion. American politics being one such significant topic.

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I think anything that smacks of discrimination or cruelty will (rightfully) result in the poster getting a good verbal beating.

Aside from that, I don’t think anything is or should be taboo. You list spirituality, and I can sort of agree because while I enjoy a healthy debate, those sorts of debates often turn nasty, unfortunately.

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Apparently adultery :P

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You say “taboo,” I say “batoo.” Actually, I say “taboo,” too. With this much population turnover, global reach, demographic spread and ease of access in Flutherville, I can’t imagine anything being truly off limits. As JohnPowell noted, anything can be thought-provoking if properly framed, and any mundane topic can be rendered unrecognizable without the proper context.

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A combination of @MRSHINYSHOES‘s and @King_Pariah‘s comments.

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Pro: a well trained dwarf doesn’t need to be moved around, just holler and it will come. It also comes with a voice command vibrate function.
Con: union hours and pay

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Asking a question that talks about other community members or even repeatedly banned spammers trolls… either eaten or alive.

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Nothing is really taboo on here, at all. I’ve seen all sorts of subjects being brought up here, without a problem. The problem, I find, is voicing my opinion or view after I see a buncha answers that pretty much go against it lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I saw a glimpse of your mind… and I was horrified!

And I giggled a bit, but I think that was a minor aneurism.

He’s right, btw

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@Symbeline – I think you speak the truth for me as well. There doesn’t seem to be any taboo subjects.

But I am sometimes hesitant about going against the tide. It often seems as if a diverse opinion is a basis for attack and derision instead of discussion.

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@Symbeline @rooeytoo too true. I will often take a side opposite to what most people are saying just for the sake of discussion or to bring out different aspects of things but people instead will 1. swear/cuss 2. try to put you down 3. try to call you stupid 4. get overly emotional
I really hate this one thing about fluther. There’s so much potential for learning and thinking if people will just relax.

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There’s so much potential for learning and thinking if people will just relax. I disagree with some issues from time to time, and yet I always feel relaxed.

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I tend to avoid questions concerning specific politicians, or even politics in general. I don’t feel that I’m acquainted well enough with those things to really be able to contribute to the conversation, and in general I think they end up being more irritating than clarifying or entertaining.

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I avoid political questions, most relationship questions ( but I do take a stand on issues of infidelity and dishonesty from time to time ) and most of the NSFW questions.

I don’t really consider anything “taboo” aside from extremely depraved and/or clearly disturbed inquiries /content.
I will avoid questions about functions of bodily voiding.
Some things do remain “sacred.” lol

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“My ass is afraid of the dark so I gave it a flashlight to keep it happy. Now it won’t give me back the flashlight, any idea how to get it out, er, I mean, get it back?” ... random inspiration tells me to ask this

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