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Did/do you play R-Type Final ?

Asked by iwamoto (5271points) May 6th, 2008

man, i realy love that game, still haven’t finished it, wonder how many of you have played it as well, and if so, what do you think of it? i even have an arrow head model

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I have a long time ago. I recall liking it. Schmups are pretty fun but im not really all that good at them. Ever play ikaruga now that game is hardddddddddd.

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yeah, i wanted to get it for XBOX live, since i own a dreamcast, but the DC version is sooo expensive, but now im saving my points for bionic commando re armed

did you play DoDonpachi? man, that’s an awesome game as well, i even have my special setup

even seen this ikaruga vid ?

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@Uber Yeah, that was awesome. I couldn’t get to far though.

I’ll never be as good as this guy.

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you….don’t know what?

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