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What's your dream home/house?

Asked by King_Pariah (11484points) September 6th, 2011

Where would it be located?

I sometimes dream of a homely cottage just off a black pebble beach. Guess that makes it my dream home. What about you?

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A stone cottage with lots of flower beds and stone walkways…on a bluff with access to the ocean. Inside would find lots of cotton and beautiful colors. A writer’s paradise.

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Anything on the beach in southern California.

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My dream house will be a green inspired, techno mansion in the middle of 40+ acres of rolling pines and oaks in Lake County California. It will get all, or nearly all, of its electrical power from solar and wind power. It will be mostly stone with ivy climbing its sides. There will be a grand meadow where the tree fort will be for the kids. Around back from that will be flower gardens and the horse shoe pit and bocci ball court. In the back will be a man-mail lagoon with a wave generator to have the feel one is at the beach of a lake. Next to that will be the labyrinth of junipers or hedges with a secret spot in the inside. From there it is over to the Roman style pool with marble and fountains, just off that is the Jacuzzi and patio area for grilling and entertaining. There will be a fire pit there. Then there is the flower garden next to the arboretum, and the tennis courts, which sit next to the basketball court. There is a patio and outbuildings that house the art studio, the machine shop, carpenter’s workshop, and the garage for restoring muscle cars. Out front is a big circle around drive-through driveway. Next to the drive around loop will be a fountain that has the capability to dance to music, the spouts of water coming up that is. Next to that will be a massive koi pond.

The entryway inside will have two large coat closets. Separating the great room from the entry will be a ceiling to floor salt-water aquarium. There will be hardwood floor throughout. There will be the family wing, the sleeping wing, and the business wing.

The business wing will have the classroom, we will be home schooling, the gym, the library, the game room with billiards, darts, air hockey, fuss ball, all the good stuff, the home office, the den.

The family wing will have the kitchen, dining room, pantry, breakfast nook, family room. The breakfast nook will let out into the arboretum as will the family room.

The sleeping wing will have the bedrooms, bath, linen closets, etc. The whole house will have remote blinds, especially the bedrooms. The master bedroom suit will have his and hers vanities, closets, and dressing areas, Beyond the master bath, made of stone with heated towel racks and floors, will be the sauna. There will be a bidet, and a urinal, I hate having to take careful aim, I like to be able to let ‘er flow.

The basement level will have the man cave and media room, the safe room, and a fully functioning dungeon, complete with stockades, rack, blocking horse, wall chains, binding stanchion/hitching post, a whip and ligature locker, masks, hoods, the whole nine yards.

I am sure I am forgetting a lot, but it is late, I can’t think of the rest.

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Would be amazing to live in San Francisco in a modern home. I like Victorians but the hauntings or potential of, spook me. I’d want a home on Haight St. please!

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Top of a mountain or in a forest. [useless to say I have to get supplies for a longer period still it’s gonna be cool to live out there].

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Bug-proof with a huge wraparound porch.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I might have a suggestion. You might not like it. Most bugs have predators. I mean mosquitoes/flies are eaten by spiders. Bees keep away other flies etc etc
You could try and keep up some of these around the house. Spiders are the best companions but they do a lot of webs and a lot find them disgusting. If you clean them on a regular basis they will just attack the other insects at night ^^ I know I keep some spiders around even though all my family kills them when they see them [they got used with them though and they aren’t that creped out anymore].

Just a suggestion.

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My dream home is Zathura!

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I know. Most people prefer that but eventually bugs will return. For instance my sister in law [lives in Italy] has problems with ants. And I mean from March till October ants patrol the house non stop. They do not eat at home, they do not have food lying on the floor and they live at middle floor [3 out of 5] so one can’t really say the come from the ground or from the rooftop [some people there suggested that]. She uses bug spray every other two days when they go to work and the ants are still around after. A lot of them die but the next day others are back. The houses are very clean yet the ants stick around. What’s there to be done in a situation like this?

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I’d like to say, a beach-house by a lake or the sea. However this would require a miracle that somehow restores my eyesight and allows me to drive. As things are, I’d settle for a large luxury penthouse in Kensington, London.

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My dream house is modest and cosy and looks out upon an empty landscape of sea and islands. The back door opens to a city street with shops and restaurants.

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A log cabin in Alaska. No roads, neighbors, electricity, phones….just me and my books! Oh and my husband!

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I have been living in the tropics for years now and I love it. My dream house is simple, a small enclosed area in the middle surrounded by a huge covered porch, at least 12 feet wide, all screened. We would live in the outdoor area and only go inside during the wet. I have a friend who has a house almost like that and it is wonderful, it is like being on a perpetual camping trip but with all the conveniences of home.

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On Fontana Lake NC. Nice 2 story open ceiling log cabin with massive dual wrap around porch…and wood shop studio with a state of the art music studio jam room. 14.5 years to go!

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Craftsman bungalow located on the Outer Banks of N.C.

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1. Paid for.

2. On a dead-end road. At the end. Behind a fence.

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A little log cabin in the middle of the mountains with a wood burning stove and many built-in bookshelves.

And as @CWOTUS said, paid for.

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I’ve always wanted a Victorian that looks something like this with a tower. I would like for it to be in the woods somewhere, on some property that includes a mostly self-sufficient homestead-style farm and a stocked pond or lake.

The interior would be decorated with my already vast collection of antiques, art, books, militaria, ephemera, and musical supplies.

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Location is on mountain overlooking ocean with private black sand beach on one side and a large fresh water lake on the other side. The lake has lots of islands and great sailing.

The property has a large rambling house with lots of large windows and porches and verandas and mini towers with rooms for contemplation and writing. There is a music/theater room with a grand piano (but no home theater system). There is a dance studio. There is a well equipped and spacious kitchen connected to dining and living areas in open area.

The grounds are spacious with all kinds of gardens and secret places and chairs and lounges in which to hide and read the afternoon away either in shade or sun. There are dells that are great to hang out during rain storms. Rock gardens, sculpture gardens, rose gardens, herb gardens vegetable gardens, mazes, water gardens, gardens with views, etc, etc.

There are also several playing fields for various sports, except these fields are integrated into the other gardens seamlessly, so you might be wandering through a rose garden and suddenly find yourself in a ball park. Some of the playing areas are very non-conforming, like the makeshift spaces we used as children. None are full sized.

There is a village around the central house, which has space for dinner parties of up to fifty people. There are small cabins, spread around so they all offer privacy and great views. There is an outdoor gathering area where the members of the village gather each evening to perform their works and discuss and converse and enjoy each other’s company. There are pickup jam sessions with dancing every night.

People apply for internships in this village from all over the world. It is known as a place of intellectual and creative ferment and many great works will be created there. Not coincidentally, several jellies will have residencies there.

There will be a political litmus test since it’s my money that pays for everything. A person’s work must demonstrate a history of progressive politics.

It will be a great place. A great dream. And what are dreams for, anyway? To be dreamed!

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I would love a 2 story brick house with a wraparound porch and lots of windows. (To be cleaned by someone else!) It would have a round tower in which there would be a round library for all of the books I could ever want. And a big window seat to sit and read said books. There will be two or three guest bedrooms, a craft room, a large family room/dining room, a kitchen made to my specifications and an office area. And whatever my husband would want in it, too.

Where is it? Anywhere that has four distinct seasons, the temperature never gets over 78F, the winter rarely gets colder than -20F, the humidity stays low – except when a storm is blowing in. Oh, and I like trees. Lots and lots of trees.

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A large cottage by a lake and as @CWOTUS put it, preferably paid for!

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My dream house is either (1) a Welsh castle overlooking the Irish Sea, or (2) a self-maintaining starship with a self-sustaining natural/artificial environment.

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@ShanEnri no electricity means no Fluther! O.o

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A small coastal town.

From the outside my home looks like a simple shanty but inside it is sleek, modern and plush. Most of the furniture is built in, there are a minimum of inside walls and a lot of the ceiling is skylights. The backyard has a deep soaking bathtub.

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A lost keep somewhere near the Carpathians, where I may die in peace with my ivory towered self.

But nah, just a small house on the edge of a big city like Montréal or New York would be ideal to me.

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My dream house is like the movie The Notebook, with a porch all around it. In country near by the lake too. My other dream house is in the woods with a log cabin and a lake in the back. I’m a huge fan of nature, so I always wanted a house in a peaceful place with nature.

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@downtide I can use a laptop…no?!

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@ShanEnri – But how will you charge the battery? And how will you get your internet? You must be able to fluther!

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Oh ok, I’ll have a generator for emergencies!

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Gotta have fuel for your generator or else you will get a headache trying to read by firelight in those long Alaska winter nights! And how will you keep your food cold in the summer? And what if you get an appendicitis?

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oh give ShanEnri a break, it’s her dream house, it doesn’t have to be logical. Hell, it could be an Escher for all I care. And in a non-logical dream house, It totally could be tesla’d and kovacs’d out so she could simply power everything from the Earth’s Magnetic Field

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Hey @King_Pariah – are you @shanenri’s body guard?

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@rooeytoo as long as the dinero keeps rolling in. :P

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Why thank you @King_Pariah and as far as fuel, @rooeytoo, obviously if I have a generator I’ll have fuel and plenty of it! However I said no electricity so lanterns and firelight will be fine for reading by. Now I ask…why are you and @downtide and @tedibear dissecting the flaws in my dream house? It’s mine so please let me have it the way I want it!?

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@ShanEnri – Simply because if you can’t Fluther, we will miss you. It takes every jelly to make a collective!

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@ShanEnri – cuz I always get a kick out of people who want to live the simple life, shunning mod cons such as electricity, phone, etc. whilst proclaiming this desire on the internet!

You gotta admit, it is a bit ironic. :-)

(How much are you paying @King_Pariah – I could probably do it for less. PM me for a quote.)

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Why thank you @tedibear I would miss fluther and my fellow jellies too! @rooeytoo when I put that I never gave a second thought to what I would be giving up! I guess you have a point there because I do love my pc, cell phone, mp3, tv, dvd player and ps3. Ok so I would want a log cabin in Alaska. No neighbors though! I can live without those!

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hehehe, I’m with you there. Well sort of, I lived in the middle of nowhere for 6 years. It was a 250k drive to the nearest city (well town of about 80,000). It was great, the drama and unimaginable beauty of the bush and the tropics, meeting water buffaloes, roos, giant pythons, crocs on the road, driving through the bush fires, floods, etc. until….......... you needed a vet for a sick dog at 2 am or a dentist or didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to eat in a restaurant, or, omg, go to a movie!!! I heard a line in a movie, I forget the movie, but it is a great line and pretty much explains most of my experience, “Life is full of little trade offs!” My suggestion is, just go do it. I have lived in a lot of places for a couple of years at a time, I have loved and hated them all at varying times, but wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

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250-thousand miles to a city? Are you sure @rooytoo? <>

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@MissA – k = kilometers, not everyone in the world operates on miles! :-)

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@rooeytoo actually km = kilometers.

And when I have rad your other reply I read the same thing. And mainly because on the web or most forums when someone uses a “K” after a number it’s a short thing implemented not to add all the zero’es [ 1k = 1.000, 1kk = 1.000.000 etc You get the idea].

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Eh, k or km can mean kilometers. Same as mi. and m = miles. We don’t write MiPH when we abbreviate. Knowing that @rooeytoo hails from Oz and that she’s smart enough not to write “250,000… of no particular unit of linear measurement”, I assumed that she meant 250 km from town. Other reasonable readers could have done likewise.

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heheheh @CWOTUS , thank you.

Where I live kilometres are referred to as k, such as on the speedo on my scooter and in my car, it says kph, not kmph.

It’s pretty damned far I can tell you that for sure! Especially at night when it gets so dark, if you have to make a pit stop, you want to keep one hand on your car, otherwise you could lose it and have to sit there until morning when you can see it again. Scary stuff!!!

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In the car it’s always kph but the accepted symbol is km. Anyway in the end you guys understood each other so it’s all good ^^

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@Hibernate – I think you are nitpicking, but if it makes you happy, from now on, if I ever refer to distance again in an answer, I will try to remember to use km instead of k. Just so people don’t think I live in outer space (since the circumference of the earth at the equator is 40,076 km, that is the only place I could possibly be if I am that far from the nearest town).

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