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Advice about studying for the bar?

Asked by benjamin6 (148points) May 6th, 2008

I’m taking the bar this summer, any good tips as to how to prepare?

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Hrmm. Does suggesting that you put a period after “summer” and an Upper Case A on “any” count? Seriously, there should be a few folks here who will chime in, unless they are too busy at cram school.

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One of my best friends passed the NY bar almost three years ago. She took a formal training course and treated studying like a full-time job for three months prior. Not to scare you, but you probably need to go full tilt.

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Take practice exam after practice exam until you’re rather proficient. That worked best for both my brother and my mom. For me? I’m taking it in 8 years after law school… :-D

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Not to hijack, but any LSAT tips?

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And doesn’t the bar exam relate specifically to the state in which you want to practice, rather than dealing w. the more abstract issues you learned in law school? All my lawyer friends went to serious cram school – ljs22 said it best.

Flagging fallstand for being an idiot.

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Just skip the bar and pursue a more respectable career like drug dealing or loan sharking. Seriously, I personally know dozens of lawyers and only 2 of them enjoy their work, the rest gripe about it endlessly but don’t have the nerve to change careers since they are addicted to the money.

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Why are people always talking prospective lawyers out of pursuing law? It’s so irritating.

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I once heard a joke about lawyers: Why scientists don’t use rats anymore for scientific experiments?, they use lawyers instead because there are more of them and there are no organizations to protect them as there are for animals. Although there are a lot of people who don’t like lawyers, we still need them.
Your best bet for taking the bar is: first, take the formal bar training course; second, become a hermit and just do that 110%, nothing else is allowed in your life. To accomplish this you should ask you family for help not to let use the computer or you may consider selling your pc or lap top; third, it always help to study with someone who is sharper than you in case you have questions and for role playing as well; fourth, visualize yourself taking that exam with an attitude of confidence talking to yourself positive affirmations. This should be a good start and Good luck = study hard!!

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@peedub…....unfortunately the profession has been tainted by some questionable examples
That, and people mostly need lawyers when things are bad (criminal charges, disputes, divorce, etc.), so it gets associated with bad things.

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I asked a similar question here

Hope it helps.

If you’re interested in what I am doing to prepare, you can click here

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So how’d it go?

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Doctors and Lawyers are jobs I will never take. Why? Too much serious information you need to know and learn. If you’re a doctor and you don’t know something, you could kill someone. If you don’t know something about a law, you could put a person in jail. Too much pressure I say but, someone has to do it I guess.

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Take a review course (such as Bar-Bri, etc…) and then sequester yourself in a library and study on a regular basis keeping a regular schedule. The trick is to keep taking the practice tests (entire tests, timing them as though it is the “real thing”) until you consistently get a score HIGHER than you will need to pass.
There are only so many ways that they can ask the same question, and you are being tested on a finite amount of material, so this approach will yield success if you are diligent and keep it up on a daily basis.

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