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Colorful sunglass frames (like kids wear) on adults.

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What kind of trends?

So far, I’ve seen a lot of girls with parts of their head shaved at my university…weird shit.

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Shrinking packaging. Paying more for less and they thought I wouldn’t notice!! ;)

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Skinny jeans on boys. Not hot.

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Peer to peer information passing rather than news authorities.

Also, more showing of cleavage in daytime fashion.

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Old women spitting & swearing in the street, there’s not many of em, but they’re out there.
Hell’s Granny’s on the rampage, coming to a street near you.

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- A general decrease in tolerance and patience.
– Increase in each individual’s tendency towards violence (this particular thing very much applies to where I live, can’t say about everywhere)
– Divorce
– Bad manners/disrespectful children

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Homeschooling is becoming more accepted by the general population.

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The ubiquitous QR codes. So now I need an app to “pull” ads from cyberspace. Yuck.

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Limegreen cars in the streets – a sudden outpouring of.

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Flashmobs seem to have soared in popularity of late

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Nekked pancake parties seem to be taking over the globe.

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Kids getting tattoos.

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Hashtags in Facebook posts. They’re for Twitter for a reason!

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Buddy Holly glasses, for guys and girls.

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More adults going back for further education.

More TV networks making their programming available OnDemand.

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people seem nicer in traffic recently

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-Elderly people walking while talking on their cell phones.

-People taking their dogs and kids for a walk while they are either talking on their phone or have their ear buds in listening to their iPods.

-Young kids using their own phones to text with friends.

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Kids with phones. And when I say kids, I mean like 5–9 year old…....the hell?

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The nights are drawing in.

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It seems to be getting cooler at night. What is this? The apocalypse?!

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@Blackberry Seriously…And just exactly what is a 7yr old texting to his/her friend?!

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Loud ones!!!

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Still a big trend, Most people use Blackberry as their must-have personal gadget.

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@Blackberry Both my 10yr old and 8yr old have phones. They have them because I am separated from their dad, and I promised them they could call him and vise versa whenever they wanted or felt the need. They are not expensive phones and the kids are a lot happier for it.

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@SpatzieLover They’re discussing pokemon lol :/

@BeccaBoo Not a bad idea :)

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Black-framed glasses with neon rubber arms, “paint-splattered” T-shirts with ginormous lettering, off-one-shoulder tops, and the occasional pair of leg-warmers.

These flashbacks to the 80s do my heart good, until I hear some girl tell her friend, “Yeah, I got this out of my mom’s closet!” Then I sort of burst into tears a little…

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I’ve really noticed a collective depression, almost everyone I know and talk too, including myself is struggling with fighting off negative energies. I truly think that the vibrational frequency of our current world crisis on so many multi-dimensional levels is having a global, collective impact on humanity.
Maybe the 2012 shift is going to drop our planet into a new energy vortex.
Shift happens and god knows we are ready for shift after the shift that’s been going down this last few years.

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Like, Wayfarers for sure are back… Hip hop is wearing fit jeans again… sounds kind of like the 80s with all the synthesizers… probably a pissed off band coming soon, like nirvana… to end the synth wars… i dont know… i feel like people are more open… but then im from california…

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young girls with beer bellies or some type of pooch

Tats on old people

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feather extensions.

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I’ve noticed more and more that folks are being born, living, and then dying at some point in their lives.

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Kids not taking summer jobs.

Elderly people getting rude when told there are no “freebies” like bottled water, bagels/donuts or other kinds of snacks when visiting businesses.

Drivers with families parking in front stores (blocking traffic/entrances) or handicap spots in order to unload their brood.

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Dusty products on store shelves. I wonder if it’s the lack of employees to keep shelves cleaned or customers just don’t have money to buy what they use to buy.

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It makes me SO MAD when girls cut their jeans into shorts, so short that the pockets stick out the bottom. It looks stupid. D:<

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THAT was the style in the 70’s. My grandmother almost had a heart attack when I went out in my cut off Levi’s and a bikini top.

“Child, COVER UP!” lol

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In my area, many young men want to be hunters. They got guns, jeeps and hats with logos that pertain to hunting companies and shit, and spend every vacation they get going out into the woods getting fines for shooting too much shit. What’s up with that? :/ Or is it just a Québec thing lol?

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There’s a trend to have more and more trends, and a corollary trend for the trends we do have to not last as long as only trends trended to last back when I was a kid. At least, that’s how I, as an sexagenarian, see the trend. But then, there is a strong trend for me to be wrong. And there’s a trend for my wife reminds me of that trend every single day. How’s that for a trendy answer?

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@Symbeline Nah, that’s a lot of rural areas in the U.S. too.

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@ETpro Totes mah goats.

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More people are using food stamps to pay for their groceries.

More smaller cars and less SUVs on the road.

Long lines at Dollar General.

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I’ve noticed – though predominantly on tumblr – a lot more people trying to be more progressive in their thinking when it comes to race, sexism, etc. I’m hoping it’s not a ‘trend’ in that it will eventually die off though.

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More peole owning guns for the first time.

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@Blackberry That’s the nicest thing anybody’s said to me all day. :-)

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@Ayesha “Skinny jeans on boys. Not hot”

That’s your opinion…lol…as long as they aren’t too tight.

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Yes, my opinion. To which most agree.
True, they shouldn’t be tight. At all.

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The number of zombies around this place. I had three of them trying to get in just last night.

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People are fascinated with taxidermy for some reason. And take a look at this “freaky animal furniture!
Steampunk is gathering steam.
E readers are really catching on.
1970’s is the cool fashion decade right now. (as it should be)
Cutooffs? Coloma as bob would say “pics, or it never happened”,lol
Venice seems to be the hot destination this summer.
“Folk” music (for lack of a better term) is a vibrant and creative musical category.
Braids are still cool!

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@Earthgirl People are fascinated with taxidermy for some reason. And take a look at this “freaky animal furniture!

Aaaaaaahh!! Jesus Christ!

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Symbeline What? You wouldn’t care for the octopus chair in your living room? How about a jellyfish chair? What have you got against cephalopods, huh? huh???!!

Berserker's avatar

Oh yeah I remember those, they rock. I don’t want no dead marine life chilling around in here though. What happened to classic furniture made outta people’s bones lol. XD

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Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed an ever increasing number of people in electric powered wheel chairs. At the fair today power chairs were all over and the poor folks in the chairs tend to be, well quite huge. With all of us aging boomers becoming ever more weak and feeble I suppose there will be an ever increasing number of power chairs at each fair in the future. That is sad but it is great that crippled people are able to get out and about. More power to them.

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I figure the people who thought those spinning wheel covers were really cool have finally given up on them. Because I haven’t seen a single car with them in maybe a year. Thank goodness a stupid fad had a short and sweet life. So I guess this is an observation of a now dead trend.

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Younger, hip, trendy dudes in their late teens and twenties wearing socks up to their calves like men over 50 do now (because that was normal to them in the 1970s). Back in the 1970s, guys wore “tube socks” or not ankle socks. That look seems to be back. So, the only people who wear ankle socks are those about over 25 and younger than 50.

The uncool look is now cool.

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@Charles I have always worn over-the-calf socks because they stay up—they don’t end up bunched up around my ankles. The only way to make shorter socks stay up is to put a circulation strangling elastic top in them, or equip them with vertical stiffener ribs. Neither of these solutions yield comfortable socks.

The reason sock length, and all other elements of clothing design, move from cool to uncool and then back again has nothing to do with comfort of what really makes sense. It has everything to do with convincing gullible consumers that the clothes they bought last year, and that will be perfectly serviceable for many years to come, are suddenly uncool and must be tossed in the trash and replaced with the new, cool kind.

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