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Are topless beaches the norm where you live?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) September 8th, 2011

Where do you live?

Any opinion regarding topless beaches?

I live in America and topless beaches are not the norm, but we have a few, very few. I am not sure if our laws permit it at all, but down on South Beach in Miami around 8th street there are usually several topless women. I like the option. I think it is good that it might be customary on one part of a beach and not another, just so everyone is comfortable, but I would not want a law controlling it.

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I think it should be the woman’s choice, but I think our society is way too uptight to go in that direction.

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If I lived on the ocean, I would make my own topless beach. And all my jellies would be invited!

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No.More like completely nude lakes.XD
I don’t have a problem with nudity.
I have the option of taking my boat to Canadian waters if I want to be topless without breaking the law.

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No, it’s way too cold here. A woman could quite easily have a child’s eye out with an erect nipple & we can’t have that.

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@lucillelucillelucille Surprisingly I am not fond of nude beaches. I have no desire to be around complete nudity. Topless to me isn’t nude.

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There is a sand bar up river where it is clothing and kid optional.

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@JLeslie—Topless is half nude to me.It can also be half-bad.LOL!

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah, I use half naked to describe all of south FL. Haha. I mean even just walking down the street there are girls in bra tops and bike shorts. I guess what I mean is I simply am comfortable around topless and uncomfortable around bottomless.

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Not really but that’s probably because it is far too cold!!! I live in the south west of England.

I’m all for topless beaches, there is nothing offensive about boobs!

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Not the I know of here in So Cal. I know of one, and it’s just north of San Diego.

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New York state several years ago had a court case which outcome determined that topless women do not violate the law by appearing in public – anywhere that a man could appear topless. Women occasionally avail themselves of this law, even in Manhattan. (Usually the wrong women, in my opinion, but still…)

So even though I don’t live in New York I would not be at all surprised to find a lot of topless bathing on upstate lakes and other waterways. I don’t think it’s going to be “the norm” for a long while yet, though. Dammit.

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When I visited South Beach a few years ago, I thought it was a topless beach because there were a lot of European visitors.

I am in Northern California. There are nude beaches, but none where it’s okay for women to be topless but not okay for everyone to be nude. We don’t have that middle ground.

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I’m in Illinois, but when I was going to school in San Luis Obispo, CA back in 1990/91, I frequented a nude beach that was located just south of Avila Beach. It was called Pirate’s Cove, located in a cove hidden from the other local beaches in the area. It was usually couples (40s, 50s) and some college students who visited the beach. This was all nude though, not topless. Everyone there was very friendly.

I don’t mind the idea of nude or topless beaches, but I do like it to be a bit private from other beaches.

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Not as far as I’m aware. Again, that probably has a lot to do with the s**** weather we get here in Ireland. I’ve no problem with nudity or topless beaches but I’d tend to agree that a bit of privacy is important.

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In Wisconsin, we have over 14,000 lakes. Many of which people have private piers and beach areas. From our lake home window, we see many nude families jumping off their piers or sunbathing on “their” beach…it’s quite normal here.

There are a few private areas of Lake Michingn that are know as “nudist” hang-outs.

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I would like to add that I did take my top off but never my bottoms. It’s not fun getting sand in your private parts. ;)

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Topless beach? In Aceh, women, no matter what religion they adopt will be sent to local Police Department if they dare to wear appealing clothes in public, if they go as far as wearing bikini in public they will have their back slashed with whip for 3 times (It’s an approved local laws), every single women must cover their hair with clothes, no exception, so spare the topless beaches!

Relax, that’s the only place where people are strict toward half-nude, and nude women. Basically, you can’t be topless women (in the sense that you wear nothing to cover your top) in any of the city-based beaches in Indonesia. You, however, can be completely nude in beach if you go to some secret desolate beaches, which are very unknown but abundant and beautiful in Indonesia.

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There is a nude campground about an hour from here.

I had no idea that we could be topless in Canada (on the beach), @lucillelucillelucille.

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I live in Scotland.

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@zenvelo I have no idea if there is a law or not on South Beach or any part of FL allowing or not allowing topless at the beach, I just now on South Beach many are topless. It is indeed the influence of many European and South American tourists and part-time residents.

@CWOTUS I’m glad you told us about NY’s law. Thanks.

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You can’t be topless anywhere around where I live. The only place I’m aware of is Wreck Beach just south of the University of British Columbia.

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I don’t think so. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The main beaches here seem to be viewed as dirty. I don’t blame anyone who feels that way. The last time I went in the water at Mooney’s Bay (July 2009), I came out with dirt sticking to me all over. It was so gross! I also remember being across the river from that beach canoeing and dragon boating (at different times, of course). The water was so dark… and nasty looking.

@Jude I’m pretty sure it’s legal for women to walk around topless in Ontario, not that I ever really see that happen much (if at all).

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Lots of topless and naked river swimmers in my neck o’ the woods. In more remote places of course, not on the local family rafting tours. lol
Being naked in a beautiful wilderness spot is one of the great joys in life, but I want privacy, not into sharing my parts with strangers. Well…when I was 20 but not at 50 something now. haha

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