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Is this normal...

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) May 6th, 2008

my mom just forgot my name. she said my brother’s name, then my sister’s name, then my dog’s name, the Noah (which has no relevance whatsoever to my life) then a long pause, and then my name.

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She called you the dog’s name? Man, that’s harsh.

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What kind of pills does her doctor have her on? Never trust a doctor!

My grandmother does that shit all the time, but she is 88 years old!

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how should i feel? im very confused.

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I think it is perfectly normal as long as it does not happen everyday.

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We all do it. And I will be calling everyone Milo shortly.

Zach; just laugh it off. Does she call the dog or your sister “Zach”?

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the dog is the attention grabber in the house. we spoil her so much. she often starts to say the other person’s name and then switches to my name. like ki-zack. i would understand if she had more people to look after, but she only has me, my brother, my sister, m dad and my dog. also, the occasional relative.

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Wait until you have a wife, two sons, a daughter, a dog and the occasional relative to look after…and see whether you might be distracted. My mother has often (and still does) get our names mixed up, including her late husband (my father) and her late boyfriend.

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It’s normal, most parents do it

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I think you’re OK on this, unless she starts to forget her own name.

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It’s normal. I find myself doing it sometimes when I have so much on my mind and can’t think straight. If it’s happening daily…then I would worry.

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I’ve done it. It happens.

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I’m the youngest of three girls. I knew I was in big trouble when she had to roll call before she got to my name. The more flustered she was the bigger the trouble I was in. I pretty much thought my name was Dawn-Peg-Trish until I was 10.

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I guess it normal because my perants always call me my sisters name and they do the same thing to her calling her my name… It happens all the time so I’m kind of used to it by now…

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It is most certainly not a sign of caring about you any less!

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It’s normal. I think my mom has done the same thing as well- don’t worry. like everyone else has said- laugh it off. Moms are soo busy these days, I’ll probably do it to my kids too! and our dog is the attention grabber as well!!

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if I’m trying to say something really quick I will occasionally call my son daisy (the dogs name) or I’ll call the dog Monroe (my sons name)

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Don’t know about normal, but it happens…....The amount of times my mum’s called me my sister’s name, or even say something to me about my name, but meaning my sister….
Mind you, just about everyone who knows both my sister and me has mixed up our names at some stage (and no, we’re not twins – 1 year apart).
Oh and she’s also confused my brother’s and our dog’s name..

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Completely normal- parents brains have to do acrobatics to keep up with all the daily needs and events. Every once in a while even the sharpest mind slips up.

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My grandmother would work her way through all of her kids and then all of her grandkids before she got to me. My mom goes through all of her kids until she gets to me. I now find myself naming all of my pets until I get to the right one. Arghh, I’m becoming my mother!*!!

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Did you ask her if she’s feeling okay?

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Zach; what is your dog’s name? Can you legally change yours to his?

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my dogs name is Holly. it doesnt work out with gender roles.
actually, shes named hollywood hulk hogan, but i think that would be copyright infringment.

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If your mom’s calling you Hollywood or Hulk you are ahead of the game and there’s no need to fret.

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