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Do you own/use another brand of tablet OTHER THAN Ipad?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) September 8th, 2011 from iPhone

I would appreciate any feedback or opinions you could give me. Also, if you’ve done research in contemplation of buying one soon, I’d like to hear about any info youve gleaned (links welcome and will be read) or opinions you’ve formed thus far.

For those who already have one could you give me the brand name, operating system, where purchased, cost (if you don’t mind specifying) and how happy you are with it? Would you buy it again if you had it to do over?

What do you like about it or dislike? What are your favorite features of your device? Advantages, disadvantages?

Compared to similar devices, which features do you think should have been added.

Does your device have clear operating instructions or did you have to figure it out by yourself ? Does it have customer support by phone?

How tech savvy would you estimate one should be in order to have a good experience?

Is there a particular reason for why you chose this device rather than an Ipad?

I realize these are a lot of Qs but it’s certainly not required to answer all. I just figured that most people would be happy to brag a little and I might benefit from the knowledge I gain :)

If you’re a die hard hater of all things Apple just on principle that’s fine, but if you want to dissuade me from an Ipad, it will require some facts or personal experiences rather than a rant (which I will ignore).

So, pretend I’m a sponge and just shower me with your knowledge and experience :) Thanks.

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I would go for the iPad as I own one and love it. You didn’t really give any reason against the iPad, care to share?

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I don’t own a tablet yet and am in the deciding process. The Ipad is the most expensive of all but I’m definitely not against it since I already have an iphone,

However, I’m so sick and tired of coming across links to video clips here on Fluther and elsewhere and not knowing what they’re referring to since IOS won’t handle Flash. All of my web browsing is mobile so this gets really frustrating and tiresome.

I’m at least open to other tablets for consideration.
Apparently, HP just dropped the price of theirs down to $100.00. So perhaps others will follow suit.

I was just helping a friend of mine setting up his Android tablet as he just got it and I know for sure I don’t want THAT brand :)

Ipad is obviously the pioneer and gold standard for tablets but perhaps I may settle for silver standard just so I don’t have to go through the annoyance of hauling out a computer or bypass video references altogether. Feel free to consider me shallow if necessary :)

Plus, I just posted a separate Q asking for opinions on IPad only. So this one is for everything else

Feel free to chime in on the other Q if you feel like it. Double lurve :)

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I have a small WACOM graphic tablet that cost me 150 quid.
It is not the same kind of tablet as the xxl ipod, but wth.

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I am looking at a variety of 7” Android-based tablets, partly because the iPad is too big for what I intend to do but mostly after a lot of bad experiences with iOS. Being half the price also helps.
However, for now, I use my Droid X as a baby tablet, and I have to say that I like that a higher percentage of Android software is totally free compared to iTunes where most of the free stuff is demos and trials. Not having to deal with the buggy Windows version of the iTunes software also scores points as it is much easier to do basic file management.

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@Buttonstc I don’t have a different tablet (though, I do have a Kindle), but my two cents: Don’t underestimate how heavy the iPad is. The iPad is really too heavy to read comfortably with without something propping it up. Or maybe I just have horribly weak wrists, but either way – if I can read it on Kindle or iPad, I’ll probably choose Kindle.

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@Aethelflaed Why do you think I am looking at 7” models like the Nook Color? And yes, you can flash those things to be a regular tablet ;)

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@jerv Yeah, it’s a big bummer for me. I’d spend lots more time on my iPad if I didn’t have to prop it up with a pillow or something, like it was some really thick book. The whole reason for an ereader (for me) is so that it’s lighter than holding up a book! :)

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@Buttonstc let’s be honest, you’ve got a thing for shinny white plastic haven’t you? ANY product is better, cheaper and more flexable than apple

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@Aethelflaed I like Neal Stephenson; an engine block is lighter than any of his recent books!

One thing to note is that Android is as simple as iOS for most common tasks, is easily capable of things that iOS isn’t, and (for all practical purposes) is equivalent. If nothing else, widgets rock, and last I checked, Android had more. With the right widgets, you font need certain apps. Plus, there are more options than just storage capacity. Find me a 7” iPad!

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Have you narrowed down the field to a few at the very top of your list yet?

I’m definitely willing to consider an Android tab for two reasons.

1) an Ipad would basically pretty much be a duplicate of the iPhone just a larger version.

2) I would eliminate the annoyance of the maddening choice to haul out my computer everytime I encounter Flash or skip it altogether.

One recent example being my desire to see the link you posted about the latest from Dan Savage (I love that guy ! !) over in the recent Santorum Q.

Since I think Dan is one of the smartest and funniest guys on the planet, just skipping over it once I realize it’s Flash ( as I usually do) was definitely NOT an option.

But fortunately I was able to find a workaround by going over to YouTube and searching there. There was one additional clip which was iPhone compatible.

But that’s rare and was only possible because you gave enough info on what the clip contained.

I’m getting just fed up enough with Job’s apparent grudge against Adobe to risk venturing out of the “walled garden” as you’ve so eloquently phrased it in previous posts.

Apparently the lack of Flash seems to bother relatively few people (from those jellies who’ve responded to my Q about it. But for me, it’s just a constant PITA since I do practically all my web browsing on my iPhone.

And saving major bucks doesn’t do any harm either :)

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@Buttonstc Actually, I think the lack of Flash support is pretty big for many people, it’s more that either a) they’ve had Apple products for long enough that the sting is no longer new and they’ve settled into a numb acceptance over the matter or b) they just don’t use computers often enough for it to be a problem, because the amount of time they spend surfing the net is generally low, and so encountering Flash is a rare event for them. But I actually hear the complaint quite a bit from people – especially people who spend lots of time on computers (and for things beyond listening to music).

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Thanks. That’s nice to know I’m not the only one grumbling about lack of Flash but I guess that they just don’t swim in our tidepool here cuz I haven’t really encountered any jelly Ipad owners for whom it’s that significant.

BTW. Do you have any kind of nickname for your long and rather uniquely spelled SN ( that’s the polite way of saying long and hard to remember :) because I’m obviously using my phone. And the @thing followed by the full correct name automatically appearing with a click only works on a regular computer.

So I have to resort to typing it out manually (which I do for short names easy to spell) or a shortened version of the full name.)

Hence my query about a nickname since one doesn’t spring immediately to mind.

I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Anybody who thinks I’m going to ever type out the full name of Simone de B. is seriously deluded, even if she is one of my favorite jellies, ha ha.

Unfortunaely, mobile users of Fluther are still treated like the red-headed stepchild regarding any functional upgrades :)

Just for curiosity, what is the reason behind your SN. Does it have a meaning or connection to something?

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@Buttonstc AF. Or Ethel. It’s after AethelflaedÆthelflæd, the ruler of Mercia (English area before England was England). If we were to totally modernize the name, it would probably be spelled “Ethel Flaid” (and Ethel meaning “royal”, hence the large number of Anglo-Saxon rulers who’s names start with Aethel or Ethel). No, I would never be offended at someone asking about my name, on the contrary, I’m thrilled. I know, the mobile site is HORRIBLE. Especially when you don’t want to phone to memorize that user name as a new word, but can’t seem to hit the name suggestions and have it take, so you keep hitting things like flag and answer and about…

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I just type the @, then “ae” followed by a RETURN and the site auto-completes without adding to my dictionary.

@Buttonstc Right now, it is most likely that I will get a Nook Color and tweak it a bit as many have done. But Amazon is com doting out with one soon, so we’ll see. The problem is that there are new ones coming out almost every day :/

Btw, I play a lot of games, many of which are Flash.

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