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Which "fun fighting" have you enjoyed most, water/pillow/snowball or any other?

Asked by ucme (45344points) September 8th, 2011

Get on with it, I haven’t got all night ;¬}

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Pillow fights, not ones I’ve been involved in, but one’s I’ve watched ;)

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Wrestling all the way for me!

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Snowball. Me and my friends go so over and above with snowball fights lol

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Right now I’m enjoying a poo sling with @erichw1504 right here in Flutherland.

IRL, I’ve had several fun food fights while camping. :)

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Water mixed with colour as in holi. Sooo much fun!

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When we were kids we sorta threw rocks. Was really fun. Can’t explain the whole story ^^

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Snowball, paintball and wrestling.

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Slap fights and wrestling. ;)

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Wrestling with the boys.

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Wrestling! Oh yeah! :D

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I love water/ squirt gun fights.

I have the “Aquazooka” turbo squirt guns I keep near my hot tub.

They shoot about a 50 foot stream of water and I have often talked about how much fun I have zapping the neighbors sheep down the hill with them. lol

My daughter and her boyfriend and friend and I had a great water fight in the hot tub awhile back involving the Aquazookas and some rubber squirty fish. haha

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Love water balloon/gun fights. They’re so much fun!

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A nice fun water fight while in the kitchen, if done right its such a turn on and can lead to hot sex!!

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This has got me in the mood, now where is that shaving foam?
Cheers folks, good stuff!

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Airsoft, paintball, fisticuffs, wrestling, Nerf gun battles, and so on.

I actually had a pretty epic zumba/pillow fight with a pretty friend of mine this weekend. It was pretty awesome.

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Snowball fights are the best.

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Miles training at Fort Irwin. All of the boom and bang with little actual blood.

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I actually like wrestling. I’m not a big fan of being whacked by a pillow or water.

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Pillow foreplay?
Did you enjoy a little pillow talk after the fight? lol ;-)

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MMA and angry sex

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Ditto on the angry sex.

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Water balloon

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Nerf gun!

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Water guns, unless my husband is involved. He is brutal! But it’s so fun to arm the whole family with super soakers and go crazy. Someone always ends up going for the hose and we all laugh until we’re in pain.

Also, Nerf guns! We have family Nerf wars too. There’s a whole system where we randomly assign guns, divide into teams, battle (three hits and you’re out), then swap guns, and repeat. In bad weather we battle it out in the living room. In summer, one team makes a stand up in the wooden play set and the other team has to storm the play set and take over. All good fun unless you get hit in the face or neck. ouch

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Pillows! I love being beaten by pillows. When I have pillow fights with my friends, (it actually happened a lot this Summer, on our trip to Montréal) they always all gang up on me, because I annoy them all night by sticking pillows in their faces and stuff. And it’s fun!

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@Coloma lord, I wish…

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