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Which of these names, sounds more pleasant?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 8th, 2011

White Tigress or Holy Tigress. I’m looking for answers revolving around the aesthetic, overall aura, and folkiness of it.

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I prefer White tigress, it’s softer sounding.

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I prefer white tigress. Holy tigress sounds too much like it should be an exclamation (like holy cow).

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White Tigress. Holy sounds too pompous.

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“Holy” anything sounds a bit overbearing and invites challenge. We don’t know what this name is for, but on general principles I’d favor the first choice. Neither of them sounds very folksy, though.

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Yep, #1

Are you inventing a perfume or a video game character? lol

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White tigress sounds much nicer. Holy tigress sums up all sorts of images which aren’t very appealing to me.

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@Coloma hah, close, my musician name actually. Thanks all for the input, I was actually using holytigress, but it’s because i envisioned a homage towards the spirituality of the feminine spirit that is rarely acknowledged in america. but i thought white tigress could mean the same for me.

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White, Holy tigress sounds like something Batman would say when he was turned on in a sexual manner, perhaps by Robin’s shapely thighs.

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