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Are odd numbers religiously significant?

Asked by shrubbery (10311points) May 6th, 2008

I’ve noticed in Islam there are no even numbers, take the ONE god, THREE or FIVE daily prayers, circling the Ka’ba SEVEN times. is there a reason for this?

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In Christianity there are 3 members of the trinity and 7 days of creation. I think in Hebrew the number 15 is also connected with the name of God? Not sure what it means, but it is an interesting idea.

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Google Numerology and do some studying. The anthropology of numerology is also quite intriguing.

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and ask Kevbo. He’s a walking encyclopedia on the subject and an active flutherer.

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Well 666 isn’t an odd number but then again its not really the “number of the beast”, supposedly its 616 and thats also an even number. God knows.?.

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I once heard that odd numbers are special because even one can represent 2’s like man and woman, and odd numbers can represent woman, man, and God. But then I also heard that the number 18 is very special to Jews. Maybe all numbers are special!

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@shrubbery- The real question is this: How come your question is made up of thirty-five letters; an odd number, huh? Are you trying to kiss up to God?

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Hahaha damn you caught me out AC

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