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Was there an activity you enjoyed in your youth or childhood that you don't participate in at all in adulthood?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30384points) September 9th, 2011

I believe that we all outgrow childish games, but in our younger years, we play in order to learn. We join clubs in school that we may later outgrow. There are many things in a person’s young life that may not carry over into adult life.

I was in Future Farmers of America in my school days, but I certainly don’t farm today.

What are some of those things in your life?

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Basketball, pogs, Giga Pets.

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I just flat-out don’t skateboard anymore. From ages 11–13 skateboarding was my life. Man, has that changed…

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Riding roller coasters. I miss them, but they terrify me now. :(

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Downhill skiing, basketball, and softball, because I have an arthritic right knee.

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I used to skate a lot, I used to play with stray kittens, I was hard core into Karate and was pretty good too.
Oh god, aging properly should be taught in schools :\

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Tennis. But, I think about taking it up again. I think recognizing what we enjoyed in childhood and going back to some of those things can really give us happiness. You didn’t ask this, but one of the things I did go back to as an adult was ballet, although now I have substituted zumba, because ballet is so cost prohibitive where I live now. I also used to ice skate, and have only done it a few times as an adult.

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Knocky nine doors, I don’t know what it’s called in the states, but it basically involved knocking on peoples doors & yes….running away! I don’t do that now coz i’ve grown up see, now I just stare at people through their windows as they watch the telly.

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@ucme Over here it’s called ding-dong ditch. :)

ucme's avatar

@Vunessuh Fab, I always wondered where these names originated from. Some genius sitting in a dark room, pondering away perhaps? Or maybe it’s not really that important…....

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As a Nipper, Catchy kisses :-/
If I did this now I’d be locked up for indecent assault :-/

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Hopscotch, skipping, Barbie and Sindy. My cute poochey dog. Climbing tree’s with my brother’s, riding bikes around the fields at the back of our houses…...aahhhh memories :-)

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Watching cartoons

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I watched cartoons well into my 20’s. Sometimes I get sad that they still don’t fascinate me like they used to. :-(

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Climbing on monkey bars. I can’t believe the upper body strength that all kids seem to naturally have. I don’t think I could do one crossing now without dislocating something,

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Sports. :(

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Bike riding and rollerskating. I haven’t done either of those since I left college.

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dress up/make over… now a days I just want to stay in my PJs let alone get dressed and redressed over again!

Likewise playing house… Why as a kid I liked to pretend to tidy my house ill never know….

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Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Played this at my 10th birthday party and pinned a girl in the chest. No more!

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Tree climbing.

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I liked to run but an accident ten years ago put a stop to that.

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@Vunessuh I miss pogs!

Climbing trees.
Acting and dancing
Making mixed tapes

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When I was younger I didn’t give a second thought, if I even gave a first thought, to risks of things like riding a horse at full out speed across a field or jumping off a cliff into water. Now, mishaps hurt more and longer than they used to. Damn mortality! Also being a grownup, I think of things like liability which ruins a lot of fun.

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@ucme I know someone who calls it “Ding Dong Leg-it”!

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Water skiing and horseback riding.

I haven’t had a horse for 8 years now, and I haven’t waterskied for 20.

I do still float down the river on inner tubes now and then, but most of my “wet and wild” action happens in my hot tub now. lol

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I used to roller skate and thought I would all my life. I also used to ride horses almost daily.

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Playing jacks, hopscotch, and jumping rope. I don’t have grandkids or I might still participate.

downtide's avatar

Horse-riding. I was raised in the country where every other person owned horses. Now I live in a city where it’s a rarity and I can’t afford it any more.

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I miss riding, maybe lease a horse this year again.

I have the property but, too much expense to buy a truck and trailer unless I just want to ride around my pasture and up and down my road.


Hide and seek.

Climbing trees.

Building snow forts.

Having snowball fights.

Skating at an ice pond.

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@ucme We used to call it knocka door ginger which I didn’t understand at all and still don’t. (Canada) Ding dong and leg it makes perfect sense.

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Anything involving a playground, reading novels well into the night (and morning and early afternoon).

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@Leanne1986 & yes, you @faye Whatever it was called there’s no denying it was fun, naughty but nice!

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Drawing or doodling on the walls using color pencils

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Soccer… I still play with friends sometimes, but not competitively anymore.

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I seriously can’t think of anything. That’s what’s so great about having a child in your life. I still swing, blow bubbles, roller skate, use chalk, play in the snow, color, play with Barbies, hula hoop, hopscotch, hide and seek…..the list goes on.

damn, I need more babies or some grandchildren in my life. my little girl is almost 8 ;)

edit- just thought of one. Spin the bottle!

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By the way, I climbed a tree last week. I had to cut some branches that blocked the dish antenna. They were about 30 feet up and very big but I had fun climbing around although it is a bit harder to climb a tree when you’re in your 60’s than when you 12.

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I used to be Cat Woman (from the Batman series) on the playground. I’d skulk around the slidea going “This is puuuuurrrrr-fect dahling!!” Last time I did it, though, last year, they threw me in jail.

I used to climb up on the roof of our house to a little nook between the chimney and the roof and hide and read a book. Last time I did THAT, just last year, I got thrown in jail again because I haven’t lived in that house since 1980.

I had an exciting year last year.

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@Dutchess_III You just reminded me I was Kelly on Charlie’s Angels.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I was who ever Farrah Fawcett was!

JLeslie's avatar

I think Farrah was Jill? Jill, Kelly and Bri.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Actually, I was too old to “play” Charlie’s angels. : (

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Skipping. I rocked at double dutch but I have skipped since I was 12.

Dutchess_III's avatar

We used to string rubber bands together to do double Dutch…I guess jump ropes hadn’t been invented yet! Or something….

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@Dutchess_III You are never to old to “play” Charlie’s Angels. Look at Drew Barrymore.~

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