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[NSFW?]Young college coed, think she was rohyped while baby sitting due to suspicious activity, how can she prove it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 9th, 2011

[NSFW?] A young woman trying to turn an extra buck watches some kids, girl 7yr, boys 11yr, and 15yr, for a couple her family knows but not well. She has done it before but usually only for the parent’s night out, but not a whole weekend. Usually the oldest boy was over at friends or doing his thing. He resents the fact he wasn’t given the duty to watch his siblings. The whole time he heckled the young lady and made remarks of her that were crude. The night Saturday night, the oldest boy was super nice, even making her a cup of tea, which he was highly enthusiastic that she drink. After putting the girl to bed and enjoying her tea with a movie, she can’t remember anything. She wakes up Sunday morning still on the sofa in a fog, her top is on inside out, and her belt has missed two loops. She asked the younger boy what happened or what has been going on and he is jumpy. The older boy tried to run interference to keep her from asking any questions and his kid brother from answering. She thinks she has been rohyped, slipped a Mickey or worse. Should she check herself medically, and for what? Should she have to pay or should the parents pay the medical bill? What could she do if the older boy closes ranks and intimidates his younger brother not to say anything about what really went on? If she mentions the suspicious activity but nothing is found medically, then what? Would there be traces of rohypnol in her blood after 16 hours? [NSFW?]

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She should not shower if she hasn’t already and should visit her local e.r. right away for a rape kit. She should also explain that she thinks that she was given a date rape drug so that a blood or urine analysis can be included and finally she should take a morning after pill if shes not on birth control.

As far as the payment of the treatment I don’t know that the parents would pay for that unless the test comes back positive for the drug and if it does most likely there would need to be supporting evidence that the kid did it. At that point it would seem that there is going to be a more serious concern then paying the med bill as there should be police involved. There is a potential 20 year sentence for giving someone the date rape drug without their knowledge with intent to commit a crime against them….

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A urine test can detect rohypnol up to 60 hours after it was taken. If it is positive she should take it further as the kid is going to use it again. If the cup has not been washed she should also take that as evidence. She should also be checked for sexual assault. If her fears are proved correct she should contact the police.

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I’d say report to the police already. Those kids should be kept peeing in their pants. That might break this case faster than any test results. Assuming of course, the parents do not circle the wagons.

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@Hypocrisy_Central out of curiousity, is this a hypothetical question or real life situation?

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@flutherother The cup…..good detective work, don’t think lazy kids would have thought of that. A dishwasher is probably foreign to them.

@Jellie Based off an similar incident some time passed, details slightly altered to protect the victim.

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Personally, I would be nervous to say anything to anyone. Say I go to the hospital and get the rape kit or whatever. What happens if there’s no more drug in my system, but they find his DNA in/on me? Then I’m an adult that had sex with a minor, and it’s my word against his how that happened. Even if they find the drug in me, how can I prove that I didn’t just drug myself after the act to make myself look innocent? In a sexual case with an adult versus a minor, it seems like the minor is always the one more likely to be believed. As much as I would hate doing so, I would probably keep my mouth shut. I don’t want to spend most of my life in prison for his crime.

@Hypocrisy_Central What ended up happening with the girl you know?

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Good points. However, given the story as delivered, with the younger brother already “jumpy”, an even marginally competent police investigator can get him to open up in no time at all, even if the parents attempt to close ranks with the kids, “lawyer up” and so forth. That kid’s going to spill (and be better for it, as he’s an unwitting accomplice to a crime now).

Anyone attempting to make the case that the young woman drugged herself after the fact is going to have to prove that, too: where and how she acquired the drug, for example. Your scenario, while interesting, would not go far in an official investigation. (What would be the motive for the young woman, as the “first reporter” of the incident, to have gone to such lengths? I doubt if a jury would entertain that supposition for more than a few minutes. We also don’t know her age: she may not be a legal adult, herself.)

The young woman needs to report a suspected rape to the police, and then go to a hospital ER for a rape kit, with a policewoman monitoring the process and collecting the evidence to preserve official “chain of custody”. She will need to talk to investigators and give all of the evidence that she can, including the state of her clothing and what was said on the day after. Remembering to collect the cup (in a plastic bag to preserve his fingerprints) would be a stroke of genius, and probably unlikely in the drugged state – I presume – that she awoke in. Checking couch cushions for stains before leaving (and telling the police about that) would also be unexpectedly welcome. (Her own clothing and underwear will certainly be examined.)

Not showering or bathing, of course, is an absolute requirement prior to the rape kit administration at the hospital.

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She needs to immediately go to the hospital and request a rape kit and a drug test. If any evidence is found, she should immdiately press charges and the parents of the boy should be responsible for any medical or court cost that are incurred.

Edit: So I just read the comment that this is only based on a similar situation from a while back and didn’t just happen. What happened in the similar situation?

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@Hypocrisy_Central: How about using breaks, less text and more editing? I find this impossible to wade through even though there is an interesting idea embedded there.

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@bobbinhood @Hypocrisy_Central What ended up happening with the girl you know? The last info I heard on the incident was she suspected that something was slipped to her, so, she did go to the ER. In that particular case there were physical evidence like bruising, etc, and the perp could not keep his mouth shut and bragged about the “hot piece of ass” he had. She did not have to think or ponder how to get over the “He said, she said” hurdle, which is really hard to do if one is a minor in pedophobic America theses days.. I do not know if the perp ever served time behind it, but is didn’t get swept under the rug. I know she was too out of it and in a fog to think about what evidence she could have collected like wrappers, cups, etc.

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Depending on what she was given there will still be traces in her blood up to 10 days afterwards. (and I know because part of the research proving this was carried out on me when I was a student. The things we do for money).

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@CWOTUS I see what you are saying. I had forgotten about the jumpy little brother; that’s definitely a point in the girl’s favor.

I had assumed she was an adult because the question said she was in college. While I am aware that some college students are underage (I started college at 16), they are a very small minority of the college population.

I get what you are saying about people needing to prove any alternative story that accuses the girl. I would just be hesitant because people tend to automatically assume that in any sexual case involving a minor and an adult, the adult is at fault. It is not at all unheard of for someone that commits a crime to be the first reporter in order to ease suspicion that they were the culprit. If a woman had raped a boy and the boy had said anything about going to the police, I could easily see the woman going first to claim she was the one that was raped. While there would still be the burden of proof, it’s not a risk I would want to take in a society that automatically sides with minors. You’re right that an investigation would probably turn up the truth, but just the accusation that an adult has molested a minor can ruin the adult’s life.

@Hypocrisy_Central Thanks for letting us know what happened. It sounds like it turned out about as well as it could have for her.

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@bobbinhood There is the thought that, what if she was simply slipped a Mickey, disrobed, groped of photographed? What if there was physical action, but he used a condom? There would then be no physical evidence to her body unless they dropped a hair in her underwear or something. Even if there were drugs still in her system, SHE could be accused of taking them herself, maybe even making up the wild story to deflect the blame that she got high while slacking on her duties has guardian. Based off the pedophilic leanings of the US, anything less than crystal clear waters is always murky when a minor is involved.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yep. I was thinking of condoms the other night, too. My thoughts weren’t quite as clear when I tried to explain this morning. It just seems like there’s a lot of ways I could end up screwed if I claimed a minor had raped me. I’m glad it didn’t work out that way for this girl.

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