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How can I stop my PC from trying to download XP updates?

Asked by valdasta (2139points) September 9th, 2011

I noticed that my laptop was wanting to install updates every time I shut it off (I heard that that is not normal). I manually went to Windows Update. There were many many failed attempts to install Windows XP updates. I am running Vista on my computer; why would it think I needed XP updates? How can I stop this?

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Go to your Control Panel and select Automatic Updates.

This will present a dialog box that allows you to set IF updates are downloaded and HOW TO HANDLE them once they are. (The recommended option is “Automatic”, but you can set the machine to Download but not Install, Notify, but don’t download or install, or Turn off Automatic Updates altogether.)

Why you’re receiving notifications about XP when you have Vista installed, I can’t imagine. Is it possible that the machine is set in some kind of dual boot mode?

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Install Gentoo.

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This points to a larger problem with the operating system. If you still have the disks used to install, it’s probably time to try a repair, there are some good guides on the internet. Basically pop the installation disk in and after a few screen (on the same screen you click Install) there’s an option to instead “repair your computer”.

If it was an upgrade, something wasn’t logged correctly and the repair should fix that.

I wouldn’t recommend shutting off the update features just because it’s the only way to keep windows at all secure. You can instead hide updates that you don’t want to ever perform. Do a quick search for “hide windows updates vista” and you’ll get some good guides that can walk you through it more effectively than I can here.

Probably best not to ignore it. I hope it goes smoothly.

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