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When, where and how did you meet...?

Asked by nromstadt (626points) September 9th, 2011

Today I was thinking about the weird coincidences, or lucky circumstances in life that have led me to my favorite people and best relationships. It’s kind of a boring Friday, so I figured I might get some fun stories by asking other people to do the same. So, when, where and how did you meet the most important people in your life? You decide who is important enough to mention.

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We met in college through mutual friends.

I was playing in a band and she was dating the other guitar player. Ironically, we really didn’t particularly like one another at all at the time. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that she realized I was a bit more than just another “party animal” musician and I realized that she wasn’t a “stuck up” bimbo.

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Met my wife on a bus headed to DC for the March for Women’s Lives. This is my earliest memory of her – she was organizing the trip.

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Met my husband in a nightclub. I was at the bar by the edge of the dance floor and spied him dancing with another girl on top of a speaker LOL. Later In the night when I was dancing with a girlfriend I had come to the bar with, he came up to her and said hello. I couldn’t believe he knew her. She introduced us and we danced and then started dating. His story is mine from the other perspective. He was dancing with a girl and saw me by the bar. Later he saw me dancing with someone he knew and saw it as an opportunity to meet me. :).

Most of my closest girlfriends I met in college in my dorm. One close friend I met through work, and then we decided to work as partners and became good friends.

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I met my best male friend on the first day of kindergarten. I was sitting cross legged on the carpet in a meditative prose when his mom dropped him off. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was meditating because I am a warlock. Her son and I have been best dudebros ever since.

I met my best ladyfriend in 6th grade. My science teacher found out I had a crush on her and harassed her about it all the time. Cruel kids joined in. Despite all this, we realized that we are practically the same person and have been best friends ever since. Though there was a brief five year interlude after we dated in highschool where we never talked or saw each other, but we recently became best friends again.

I met my on-again off-again lover on a dating site, though she makes me tell everyone that I met her at a Mac Store instead. We love each other dearly and I would have never met her if my pseudo-sister hadn’t talked me into joining the dating site.

I met my pseudo sister because bad things happened when she banged my roommate, and I wound up taking care of her after that.

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One of my oldest friends and I met on the first day of second grade, and now, 45 years later we still cherish our friendship.

I met my ex husband at a party, I was 17, he was very impressed that I lived alone on 200 acres in the middle of nowhere, on my own little commune for one. lol
He was both captivated and threatened by my independence.
26 years later we hit splitsville, and I am back to living on property in the mountains by myself.

Aaah, the circle of life. haha

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In 7th grade, a friend from down the street was eating lunch with a new kid, John, from his homeroom. That afternoon I was walking to a church school class in a direction that I did not normally go, and John was walking that way too, so I said hello. I asked him about where he moved from and how he ended up in our town; turns out his dad worked for the same company as my dad and he had moved around as much as I had.

John’s family became like a second family to me, and we were close for 30 years, until he moved cross country, had a falling out with everyone from his past, and refused my attempts to reach him. His sister is a Facebook friend and we stay connected despite not seeing each other very often.

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I met my best friend / sister one day in drama during ninth grade. A mutual friend introduced us. We didn’t become close until a year or so later when I started writing letters to her because I wanted to talk to someone I wasn’t very close to yet. I had no idea how much she would grow to mean to me.

I met my mentor / other best friend when I was making preparations for my first trip to an English convention. I didn’t want to fly on a plane by myself and she happened to be one of the other students in our club who was going on the trip. We drove to the airport together, flew on a plane together, and slept in the same bed at the hotel. It was bizarre being at the airport with someone I had just met, but we got to know each other on the trip and I just knew that we would be friends for a good, long time.

I met my significant other twice. The first time was on the bus. I gave them a note saying I liked their smile, but didn’t expect to cross paths again. The second time was at my University’s Writing Center. I was reassigned to be their tutor (and later found out that they were enrolled in my mentor / best friend’s English class.) We were both going through a rough period: one of my friend’s was wrestling with suicide; they were struggling with a long-distance, on-and-on relationship. I didn’t think I had a chance, but after being friends for a few months we began dating on New Year’s Day. Eight months later, and we are both very happy.

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I like reading all of your stories! They’ve inspired me to procrastinate from school work to write mine!

I met my current best friend, and roommate, on my first day away at college. We are very different (she is the artsy type, and I am the science type) but we have lived together ever since, and don’t hate each other (which seems to be a common theme with female roommates)! I still cannot believe how lucky I was to be put with her. Especially since being away from home was incredibly difficult for me, and freshman year was especially hard.

I met my current boyfriend in the laundry room of our dorm two years ago, although I only said hello, since he was the best looking guy on our floor, and happened to hang out with the awful clique of girls down the hall.. so I assumed he was a jerk. It wasn’t until the first day of organic chemistry, a year later, and that we officially met, and I found that he is one of the nicest people I know. We’ve basically been together since.

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I meet my bestfriend in drama class years ago. We both were shy so we decided to be friends, and now you can’t keep us apart! xD I meet my fiance in the same drama class as well. My other male friend I meet at Sac-anime last year. He was a Smoker from Left For Dead and I was the hunter, so we decided to chill! xD

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I met my husband in college. I was in a class and he wanted to add. The professor told him there were no spaces available and my man said he would wait outside to see if anyone didn’t show up. After he sat there a minute or two the professor was impressed with his tenacity so he invited him in and let him join the class. I knew the minute I laid eyes on him that he was the one. We were both in our 40’s when we met and we have been married almost 6 months now.

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I met Vicky, my second wife, online. We were both posting on a site called “TagWorld,” now defunct. I was looking, but just saw her as a good friend. She became my best friend after awhile, and a mutual friend of ours asked me, “Why are you still looking for someone when you’ve obviously got someone right in front of you who adores you? You two are like two peas in a pod!” I began to consider Vicky as a romantic interest as well as a friend, finally coming out to Texas on my Harley from North Carolina to visit her. While I was visiting, she asked me, “Can you think of any reason why we shouldn’t get married?” I thought REALLY hard, but couldn’t think of a single one!

I rode back to NC, sold or gave away most of what I owned, tossed the rest into a U-Haul truck, and moved to Texas, an action I have yet to regret. : ))

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These aren’t the most important people in my life, but it’s kind of a funny story.

I met my first good friend at college, we’ll call him B, at an orientation event. We talk and hang out quite a bit over the next few days. Then on my first day of classes, a guy takes the seat next to me in physics and introduces himself as R. Anyway, R seemed friendly enough but I forget about him for a while. On Friday B goes home for the evening and I’m stuck in that awkward situation where I’m trying to decide if I should eat dinner alone like a loser, or ask someone I don’t know very well to join me. I spot R across the room and remember how friendly he was, so I ask him if he minds if I sit with him. He says, sure, I’m sitting with my roommate over there. I go to get food and almost get plowed over by some really tall dude who wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. After I finish getting my food, I go over to the table where R is sitting, and he’s with the dude who almost knocked me over, who turns out to be R’s roommate, C. C apologizes, and we all get talking, and I come to find out….they’re also roommates with B. Weirdest coincidence ever, the first three friends I make at college all live in the same room.

So I had received an emailed list of events going on that evening and had written down the ones that sounded fun, and I ask R and C if they had anything going on and would they like to join me? They accept, and we go to a bunch of events, and finally we get to the last one on the list. It’s called “Open sing” which I had assumed was an open mic night type deal. We go to the building where it’s being held and…..there’s one guy in the room. That should have been a red flag right there. About four more people show up. Then the original guy says, okay, what this is is we get together and sing sea shanties. I’m just staring at R and C who are both trying to be polite but I can tell that we’re all plotting escape strategies in our heads. I couldn’t believe I dragged two people I had just met to come sing sea shanties. But we end up singing sea shanties with the group for a while, and it was actually fun, though really, really weird. If singing sea shanties with total strangers isn’t an instant bonding experience, I don’t know what is.

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Choo iz a vewwy stwange widdle purson! LOL!

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I met my best friend in college. We were kind of competitors for “teacher’s pet” in a metal fabrication class. Our teacher broke the ice in getting us to actually talk to each other instead of covertly lurking about and throwing glances- she put us together in her car for a field trip. We were inseparable for the next 10yrs during which time we started a business and got married.

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@CaptainHarley D: Why iz I stwange?

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Most of my best friends today were introduced to me by others. The weird thing is they weren’t introduced to help me in a specific way or something only by random remarks like “you two live in the same city/country” etc etc.

Sometimes I think back and laugh about these. I should find the ones who introduced them to me and thank them though I doubt I’ll ever be able to find them since we weren’t that close friends ^^

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LMAO! ‘Cauze u iz, ‘n chew iz purdy too… so chew iz purdy stwange! : D

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I have copy and pasted this from a previous question:

The first time I met my wife, I got on a BART train (the local subway with anti-cell-phone issues) to go home from work. I was dressed for labor. I sat down on a seat facing another seat, and saw one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was very quiet, and seemed sad (her husband had just made her return a hearing dog for the deaf). I leaned forward and said “Excuse me for saying this, but you are extraordinarily beautiful.” She nodded, without smiling, and said “Thank you.” From the voice tone, I could tell she was deaf.
Since she didn’t respond in any manner that encouraged further conversation, I simply read my book and waited for my station. I didn’t see her again for 2 years.

2 years later, a friend of mine asked me to come to the bowling alley, where they played in a league. My friend told me that she had a friend who was recently seperated, and living with a guy who makes her very miserable. My friend told me she had just gone into the bar, and I should go. When I went in, I didn’t recognize her from before. I sat on a corner of the bar, so that she could see me speak, and I told her I was a friend of her friend Bev. She was quite unhappy, but was, again, non-responsive. I asked her if her boyfriend made her happy, and she said he did, in a most unconvincing manner. I figured she wasn’t interested, so got a beer and left.

6 months later Bev asked me over for a bbq, and when I got there her husband told me Bev’s friend was there. When we were introduced, she was very friendly and responsive. I let her win at Monopoly (which I never do), and we began going out shortly after. It was a few months later I realized she had been the woman on the BART train.

It is a long, unflattering story, so I just tell people I met her when I was working in a male strip club.

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