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What jobs are beard friendly?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 9th, 2011

I live in San Diego, California and it’s rare to see working people with beards. I have a beard, and I want a job that is beard friendly. Am willing, to keep beard clean and full with a trim.

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I think you could apply just about anywhere with a beard, especially on the West Coast.

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Obviously I don’t want to change your question, but like @marinelife stated, just about all jobs you can think of would hire bearded people provided that you are clean and groomed, but that goes for everybody, bearded or not, so it might be worth asking (also) which jobs aren’t suited for beard men.
I’ve heard once that firefighters can’t have facial hair, because the oxygen masks they wear should be sealed close to their skin…, facial hair would leave minuscule openings for dangerous gasses to sieve through.

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Baseball player
Firefighters (and others who occasionally have to wear respirators) often can keep their beards, but they usually have to be trimmed to permit skin-to-respirator-seal contact at the points where their respirator will fit around their mouths and chins)
Artist’s model (and artist, for that matter)
Truck driver
Movie director
Mobster (inspired by your own not infrequent concerns!)

Yeah, it’s going to be a pretty long list, all right.

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Lumberjack is the first thing that came to mind.
Owner or bartender at a bikers bar.
Forrest ranger maybe.

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The only think I can think of that isn’t beard friendly in my area is CEO and Television News Personality.


Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Artist——painter, writer, etc.

Rocker a la “Z-Z Top”

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Oh, man: Musician. How did I leave that off the list?

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massage therapist
garbage truck driver
truck driver
construction worker

and on and on

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Porn star! (Um… a male porn star, anyway.)

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record store

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Academic. The weirder, the better.

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Taliban apprentice?

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