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What concerts will you be seeing this year?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) September 9th, 2011

Any bands coming to your town soon? Have you any plans, or have you bought your tickets already? Share with us!

I myself just picked up a few tickets for me and a few friends to go see They Might Be Giants this Wednesday. I can’t wait! This’d be my first Giants show, and I’ve heard they’re awesome.

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I think my wife and I have already had our concert-related fun for 2011. Earlier this year, we saw Henry Rollins on his spoken word tour, and not too long ago, we caught a local band that seems to be starting to get big; Abney Park.

I think we will have to see who comes to the area in 2012 :/

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Foo Fighters are here in October. I’m hoping to take a friend and her husband with us.

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The Mountain Goats, of course!

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Considering going to see the Judas Priest Farewell tour..with Black Label Society! Kick ass…and ofcouse my annual trip to Detroit around Halloween to see the Misfits. ;)

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Well in October I’m seeing Mt. Eden in concert, and The Smashing Pumpkins. I purchased my tickets already and I’m mostly excited to see Billy Corgan’s big pasty head again!

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Nothing planned, but if Cradle of Filth rolls around…it’ll be my third time! No news so far though, meh.

But yeah, nothing planned, but you never know. That could quickly change.

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I wish! I am so sad because Black Veil Brides are going to be in my town…. :(

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I can’t afford concert-going this year unless it’s local bands in pubs with free admission. However I did get to see a few at the local LGBT Pride festival this year. Patrick Wolf was by far my favourite.

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@Only138 That’s so awesome.

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GWAR in October.

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@Neizvestnaya My friend says they put on a great show!
@KateTheGreat I’ve never heard of that band before..
@missxamanda You’re seeing Smashing Pumpkins?! I am literally the most jealous thing alive.
@Symbeline Another band I’m only vaguely familiar with, lol

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Hardly anyone is coming here! I’m so disappointed. South Florida doesn’t get a lot of good shows as it is (or at least to my liking), but lately they’ve been even more scarce. Even the pricier place that usually has great things scheduled has nothing.

I was thinking about seeing the Misfits, but I don’t think I’m going to go. I’ve seen them twice anyway Other than that, nothin’.

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@Joker94: I last saw the Foo Fighters in 2008 and they really were outstanding.

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@Ayesha Which one, or both? :)

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On Monday night, I’ll see Carlos Santana. Next month, B.B. King and Leon Russell. All are part of the ACLfest in Austin.

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