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How feasible is a career change to Android/mobile app development?

Asked by formerfuturelawyer (22points) September 10th, 2011

I’ve posted recently about careers that would be suitable and viable for people who recently decided against law school, but am now considering learning JAVA and Android mobile app development. How viable would this be as a career for someone with fairly minimal tech background, but who has the drive to learn how to do it? Is this viable as a long-term career—i.e., is the kind of thing where there will be a huge bubble and you’ll never be competitive unless you’re an experienced developer, or could this be a good opportunity to learn software development. More importantly, how do you get started—is it possible to learn on your own, and how much time would it take to do so?

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No tech background? You will be a mice in a field gathering seeds, while the harvesters are racking in the crop. It’s not something to just think about. Like anything, you should have passion for it, or you will hate it eventually. Furthermore, you have to live and breathe tech. I’m not saying you are not capable of it, but for the long haul, I imagine having to jump around from company to company, always, always, always, thinking about the next things. Study computer engineering, software engineering, or just read software development books. I would strongly recommend this career path for you if you can visualize what you want to create, otherwise, prepare to become just another tool in the field, probably having to work as an intern to a well established company.

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My son was a programmer, quit one job and developed a music app for the iPhone as an independent developer. He didn’t make much money from his app but he was then recruited for a great job on the basis of someone having seen his app. He is doing very well but he did have a computer science background. Mobile development is where it’s at right now but I would think you’d have to get a more broad programming background to be adaptable. Maybe not..

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