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What is the meaning of sipfy?

Asked by Nimis (13222points) September 10th, 2011

I came across this word online somewhere. I don’t remember where. At first, I thought it might just be a typo. But then just to be sure I looked it up in the dictionary. No results.

Then I thought it might be slang, so I googled “sipfy meaning”. Some results came up, but it still seems rather unclear.

Also, in some of the results, the word came up as s i p f y. What’s up with the spaces? Are there other words (or phrases) that use this weird space thingy?

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I’m probably wrong, but I thought it was sempfy?....

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@cheebdragon What’s sempfy?

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I was wrong, I was thinking semper fi which I guess is something about marines, a motto of sorts.

Maybe sipfy is a band?...or someone misspelled spiffy, lol.

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@cheebdragon I think it was used like an adjective?

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It could be a simplification of the word simplify.

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Hard to say without context. One acronym is “Shall I Play For You?” , another is Sea Island Protection for You.

The first seems to be an obscure text-speak term.

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@rebbel From some of the results that came up, I guessed the same thing too.
But what’s up with the weird spacing?

@zenvelo Do you think the spacing is because it’s an acronym?

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It means to convert an existing analog telephone network to SIP.

Note: I made that up just now

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If it’s coming up with spaces, it might be an erroneous result from scanning a text using optical character recognition. I used to have a job that partly involved scanning documents, and we’d always have to scan for typos afterwards.

Using your search terms, I came across a Master’s thesis about Gertrude Stein and sentence theory. The HTML version contains “s i p f y” where there PDF contains “signify.” While the PDF appears to be correct on the surface, copying and pasting the relevant portion of the text reveals that OCR has been used and that “signify” was changed to “sipfy” in the process. The conversion to HTML then further changes this to “s i p f y.”

As such, I would suggest it is quite possible that whatever you were reading was a product of our not-yet-perfect digital age.

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Semp fi is shorthand for semper fidelis = “Always faithful”, the motto of the US Marine Corps (USMC).

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Maybe they were going for “Spiffy ”

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Marines are pretty spiffy…

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