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What will you do if you suddenly see wrinkles in your face?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) September 10th, 2011

Last night when I was quite stressed I looked myself in the mirror and saw one of the most terrifying moment of my life. Wrinkles! On my foreheads! While I was showing stressed expression, other than that it was normal. It almost knocked me unconscious to accept such inglorious reality!

Ohh… The terrible wrinkles,
the most unbearable pain to our agonizing beauty.
Such horrendous obstacle for our perfect beauty.
A betrayal that cause too much sorrow to our peerless beauty.
Why should our skin suffer from this inevitable destiny? Why?
Am I fortunate enough to die young?

(Self-facepalm) Forgive me, I guess I was too caught up by my own beauty! Anyway, beautiful jellies! What would be (or if it has been done what was it?) your first impression when you see wrinkles on your face? More importantly, what will you do to lift this horrifying curse from your face?

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I’ve had wrinkles since I was 16. I really don’t give it much thought. Shit happens.

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@Your_Majesty, what are my options? (lol)

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@smilingheart1 A ha ha. We can delay it if not completely cure it. I guess I was too affected by beauty cream advertisements.

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I would be glad and proud. With wrinkles, comes wisdom. It shows that you’ve been around for awhile and you know. The things you know are not what I know. It’s the experiences we have. So don’t worry about them or you’ll get more sooner. Stress can cause the wrinkles.

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Hahaha…get used to it kiddo, I’m actually fairly wrinkle free for 52, with no cosmetic “enhancements’, but, I am getting that nice little turkey wattle on my neck and crows feet.

I’ll look like an old goose before long. lol

Yep, @CatieDalleLydon

Our wrinkles make us majestic, like an old Oak tree…count the rings around the eyes. haha

We are all in a sate of decomposistion, from the moment we are born the return movement is in operation. :-D

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Embrace them.

My 51 year old brother who lives in Arizona (I live in Illinois) just visited with his wife. She told me my brother said he must be old now if his little sis has wrinkles (I’m 40) We giggled.

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Meh, all my wrinkles happen when I smile and laugh. I don’t care much.

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They happened to creep up on me about 5yrs back. I’m still routinely taken for more than a decade younger than my age so I haven’t had to face a true feeling of physical aging yet. I’m vain enough though to where I’m pretty sure I’ll be sad to look in the mirror one day and be accepting that I’m “not young” anymore. If the rest of my life is good then this will be just another facet to my life but if I’m in a tough or sad spot than it will be hard on me.

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Beware of wrinkle free eyes, it means a dark soul that never laughs, or, a face lift. lol

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My friends laugh at me for using sunscreen and face creams galore to prevent this sort of thing. I kinda think I’ll have the final laugh, though.

In fact, my friend was just freaking out yesterday about the wrinkle that appears in her forehead when she is confused. Already getting that final laugh. . .

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It won’t happen, because somehow I’ve started aging backwards. Don’t know how I managed that one, but it’s true.

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Remember what Eva Fraser said.

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If I saw wrinkles on my face, I’d stop looking in the mirror and move on with my life.

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I heard a comedienne state, “Don’t ever look at your reflection in a mirror if the mirror is in your lap. You’ll never want to be on top again.” lol

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If I ever saw a wrinkle, I’m sure I would slit my throat on the spot… unless I didn’t have my swiss army knife with me. Then I’d take a running start and dive head first into a brick wall. If that didn’t work, I’d stick about a dozen metal skewers through my genitals and tie myself to the chandelier and hang myself until all my blood drained out.

Fortunately, I don’t know what a wrinkle looks like.

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I’m thrilled because it means;

I’m still here

and I can still see. Ain’t life grand?

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Wrinkles are nothing. Imagine my pain when I found my first nose-hair.

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Oh Jill, you must not resist. This question is demanding impetuous answers unimpeded by thought.

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And it is a relief to notice that I have only one forehead to obsess over.

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Yes. No looking below the mouth. No one wants to know how many chins we’re talking about.

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When I got my fist wrinkle, I just stood farther back from the mirror….then started to shave by candlelight…now I comb my hair in the dark.

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@Cruiser So you’re saying that the more wrinkles you got, be better your eyesight got?

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@wundayatta No and I am starting to believe the great Almighty had this all figured out as I didn’t notice I had wrinkles until I started wearing cheater glasses! So now I don’t wear them when I am any where near a mirror and problem is solved! ;)

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It isn’t a matter of if you get wrinkles. It’s a matter of which wrinkles you get. I’ve known women who work very hard to not use their facial muscles so they will not get the usual wrinkles. Their faces showed no expression, if they could help it. I would prefer NOT to get the hard line between the eyes that make a permanent frown.
Facial surgery can make a difference, but if you scar easily, it won’t help you for long. If you use it too often, you get a lineless frozen face that can’t move. I guess if lines matter that much you can achieve wrinklelessness, but it’ll cost you a human element.

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Hope that I’m well into my thirties and then change my diet and skin care regimen

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My first wrinkle appeared after a long day at the beach at age 23. It went away with lots or moisturizer and time. I don’t have many, just a touch of crow’s feet and a couple of lines in my forehead. Now that loose neck skin, that’s a bit bothersome. Until I l remember that I got it losing weight and I don’t feel so bad!


Last summer, I went out in hot sun (with sunscreen) and the skin on my face got all inflamed. Before I went to bed, I looked in the mirror and noticed that there were deep wrinkle lines under my eyes and on my forehead. These lines were caused by the inflammation. They just appeared out of nowhere. They did get less noticeable as time went on, but they were still quite evident——all due to the swelling caused by the sun.

Then, one day, my wife was watching the Drs. show and she told me about L-Ascorbic Acid, or “stabilized Vitamin C”. She bought some to use and told me to try it too. I was hesitant at first, but then gave it a try. Wow, after just using it two times, I noticed that the deep lines on my face are now just “fine lines”—-a few creases have vanished.

You might want to give L-Ascorbic Acid a try. It stings a little at first, but it’s one of the few things that actually promote “collagen” production in the skin, according to the doctors on that show.

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What a great question…why am I the first to give it a GQ?

It is easy to look at others that bear wrinkles caused by age and see beauty and experience worn like a badge of honor for survival. It is another to look in the mirror and spot them forming on one’s own face.

There are plenty of natural tips I could offer on how to prevent facial wrinkles: do not have children, do not get married, get 8–9 hours of peaceful sleep each night, drink water, exercise, eat properly, find a stress-free job, live a stress-free life, gain an extra pound each year as it can fill them in…la, la, la.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is much more rewarding to quit worrying about my own vanity in aging signs and embrace it and move on. I’m currently hanging out with a bunch of smart, witty, and charming women who are wrinkled, discolored, shrunken, gray, balding, hard of hearing, lacking in eyesight, etc., and yet they are still sound of mind and spirit. These women are more beautiful and awe-inspiring than some of the natural sights I have seen and experienced around the world.

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That can only happen to me if I can manage to open my eyes suddenly, if not I will see them gradually- blurry at first then more clearly…yep, still old.

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I hope you are just playing, @Your_Majesty. Otherwise, I’ll have to hunt you down show you how to get that “horrifying curse” off of your face. I know you must be kidding. Nobody is really that shallow.

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Interesting things are happening to my face. As I age the wrinkles become more pronounced. In addition, when I let my hair grow – I have an Afro – I look like my eldest brother in drag. That’s my father’s side of the family. When my hair is cut, especially when I am wearing smart clothes, I could be the twin of my late Auntie Ena (my mother’s first cousin).

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@bkcunningham :: They are really that shallow. They make a kiddie pool look deep.

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I’d think to myself, “So underneath this part of the skin is a muscle that can contract resulting in the apparent motion of my skin.” Unless were talking about a set wrinkle one that doesn’t move. Then I’d probably start writing a novel, because my dependency on vanity is failing.

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Fuck it. We all gotta die some day. I find white hairs on my head sometimes, but let it all turn white, I don’t give a shit. In fact it might actually look pretty cool.
No wrinkles yet, maybe I’ll feel differently when I do, although I kinda doubt it. I’ve been seeing my health and physique drop alarmingly due to heavy drinking, so a few wrinkles won’t scare me lol.

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Yeah well, I can no longer deny I need an eye exam.
I just got in about 45 minutes ago after dinner in the city with my daughter and her boyfriend.
Admittedly my night vision is getting wacky, I caught myself braking for something that was nothing.

“Oh, it looks like a…a….oh, it’s a hallucination. haha

Oooh grannies comin’ round the mountain. :-P

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I heard, don’t know if it is true or not, but I heard somewhere that happy brownies help your eyesight. Just sayin.’

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Haha….I wonder how many it takes? lol
i joke around a lot but my happy brownie moments are weekends only.

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@Coloma Flashbacks are a bitch especially at night when you are trying to drive! ;)

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Gaaah…I know!

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Flashbacks while driving…a very respectable horror movie trope. :)

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Hey, happy brownies make everyday a weekend.

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LOL, yeah, OMG…it’s a paper bag! I almost killed it!

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Damn paper bags…XD

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I would kind of wonder how I missed seeing that. I’m pretty sure I have wrinkles, but I don’t really pay much attention.

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Resisting on so very many levels…

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Has anyone mentioned ironing, yet?

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Do what my wife did…...............SCREAM.

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@JilltheTooth; and using starch, now that it comes in a spray can.

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Coloma, you are a trip… your sense of humor. jp

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Cheap & cheerful home made facelift. This would involve some duct tape, a magic marker & no brains.

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Might I suggest Preparation H.

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Ahh… Late again. @bkcunningham As if I can live happily without my beauty. I’m not playing, my dear. I might be that shallow, you know.

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@Coloma My night vision has been deteriorating, too. There are times when I can’t see a road that I know is there due to the lighting (or lack thereof). Also, I see purple glows around many things at night. I think of them as auras, but I know they are problems with my eyes.

Anyway, don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to lose my license.

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