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Do you suspect attractive people are lying when they admit to a nerdy hobby?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14654points) September 10th, 2011

In addition, do you hold a variable opinion based on gender?

Do you think Vin Diesel sincerely loves D&D, while Olivia Munn is lying about video gaming?

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Why would they lie about something like that? Seems counter intuitive.

btw I’m a nerd

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Well, I know for a fact that KatawaGrey is gorgeous and she’s not only a gamer, she’s a Trekker, too.

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Why would attractive people not have nerdy interests?

I’m a cute green eyed blond who is a weather geek. just sayin’ :P

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I am just attractive….~

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People tend to tell the truth when speaking of their interests and their intents in life.

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Posers come in all shapes and forms.
“The cake is a lie! LOLOLOL. Portal? What’s that? Never even heard of it!”

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I think all of us have closets to come out of in one way or another. There is nothing new under the sun. Last night my friend and I were trying to think of the words to an old Chuck Berry song: “No particular place to go.” I went in search of on the internet and almost wish that I had not gone after the lyrics to that song! The lyrics are fine!! —but boy did I find out more than I wanted to about Chuck Berry. We had a little good natured wager about whether the man was alive or not and we actually ended up wanting to “barf” when there for all to see were citations about the man and his fetish. It would seem that the greater the grandstand, the greater the potential for grief.

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Yes nobody openly admits to a truly nerdy hobby….if they do they are merely trying to fit in. You can be they probably have deeper darker secrets they are not going to volunteer.

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@Michael_Huntington I swear I need to send a post to Aethelflaed and thank her for letting me know about the Urban Dictionary. I had no idea what you meant for a second

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Attractive people are allowed the joys of nerddom too! It is cruel of all you to try to deny them that small piece of happiness. :D Just angry because we supposedly get everything easy. . .

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I don’t really know either of those two well (well enough to know if it’s likely or not that they would actually enjoy those things). But, nerdiness isn’t just something you do to make up for the fact that you’re ugly, it comes from a totally different (and awesome) place than physical appearence. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some celebrities who did lie about such things to get a larger fan base, or pander to a fan base, especially if they often played roles that lent itself to nerdy fandoms (like playing action heroes in comic book-turned summer blockbusters). Sort of the same thing as when certain celebs say they’re straight, but “never say never”* and should the right member of the same sex come along, they wouldn’t absolutely be against it so as to pander to their gay fans.

*Nope, not saying that everyone who says this is only doing it for political reasons. I know tons of straight people who genuinely have this view. Just pointing out that some celebs seem to do it more for the fans than as an actual life perspective.

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OK just a quick update. At least one poster has gone out, looked at a picture of Olivia Munn, and decided she is lying about liking video games. This poster did not want to go on record.

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No, I don’t. I think more people have nerdy hobbies than we think.

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No. I have only to look at my stepdaughter who is the ultimate “American Girl”- blonde hair, big blue eyes, slim shapey figure, melodious light voice, etc and who also a serious gamer.

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One’s man nerdy hobby is another’s passion. Who gets to decide 1) who is attractive and 2) what a nerdy hobby consists of?

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Attractive people are known liars. rolling my eyes

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Not all of them…only the ones who have some wrinkles.

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I know what you mean. I think it comes off as fake when they all of sudden are so into it like that newly found hobby defines them. For instance I know this one girl, who was so popular in highschool, extra curricular and all, then all of a sudden in college, she falls on her face as in she realizes not everyones so into her and what not because everyones focusing on their studies. So she get’s into comic books because her older brother is, and one day she starts to become highly into all of a sudden. In her mind its genuine I guess, but I feel its playing the part.

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Not at all. Just turns me on more about that person lol.

I do however see Olivia Munn as kinda fake. Not because she’s hot, it just seems like she’s just reading a teleprompter all the time and doesnt actually care about the things she talks about. I feel like G4 put her there to have a pretty face for the nerds to look at. Morgan Web on the other hand is beautiful and truly nerdy :P

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If it’s celebrities, who knows what can happen. I mean, some years back, Arnold Schwarzenegger was apparently a Nazi and a rapist. Crazy stuff happens with them all the time.

Otherwise though, I don’t see why attractive people would lie about nerd hobbies. I get it, the whole antisocial nerd thing, but that’s a retarded stereotype. I do believe in Darwinism, but not to the point that swords and dragons only exist to compliment those apparently not fit to expend the human race.

I mean, y’ever seen some of em Japanese cosplay chicks? :D And anime is the nerdiest thing that exists.

All these stereotypes and stuff, people gotta look beyond. All sorts of people, pretty or ugly, like all sortsa shit, cool or nerdy.
That kinda reminds me about how some people today still say that video games are a guy thing, while the gaming industry is full of women working on developing video games.

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@JilltheTooth: Awww, thanks mom! :)

I have a number of friends who are wildly attractive I could provide references and I’m only friends with them because we had a shared nerdy hobby. @JilltheTooth: I’m thinking of Howie and Brian here.

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I don’t think so. They may like some nerdy things but they may not see themselves as nerds. I like anime and mangas and some games and most things scyfi and I also love science and math but I don’t think I ever thought myself as a nerd. My daughter likes to say that I am a secret nerd. Those are my interests and I like to share them with people who have the same interest.
But I love dressing up, make-up, sexy nighties, going out dancing (ok use to. Not too many places for a 50 year old person who likes to dance something faster than the waltz but slower than crumping) Still like it though. And I love to cook and grow plants and herbs and learn about the computer and work out and enjoy the outdoors. I also like mysteries, comedies, dramas and cop shows, miltary shows and cartoons.
I don’t feel it makes me a nerd. It just makes me a person who likes to enjoy life.

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It never occurred to me to even wonder. Not to toot my own horn, but I was smoking hot when I was a teenager, and incredibly nerdy (in a “too smart for my own good” way). I spent a certain amount of time trying to hide my nerdy side. I got over it, and let my nerdy light shine, but it definitely wasn’t the intuitive thing to do.

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This reminds me of some of those “rich people” questions. Are we assuming that attractive people are from another species? That would help to explain some of my infertility issues, I suppose… ;-P

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I think I see where this mindset comes from.

In high school, it’s pretty common for a bit of a rift to form between the “nerds” and the “popular kids” (the latter group stereotypically consisting of attractive people). The nerds will usually develop “nerd pride” (“the popular kids may have it good now, but they’ll be working for me someday”) and the nerdy hobbies they have are important to their nerd pride. So when they see any “popular kids” claiming they have nerdy hobbies, it grates on them. “You have a lot of things that I don’t have, but these hobbies are mine, stay away from them!”

I guess my point is, if someone thinks that attractive people are somehow banned from nerdy hobbies, s/he probably hasn’t matured much past high school, and that’s a problem.

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@Mariah: Kudos to you! That sounds so like what I remember too.

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Not at all. My boyfriend is attractive and he’s definitely a nerd.

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