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When will "Beverly HIlls, 90210" come out on DVD?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) May 7th, 2008

Why hasn’t it already?! It was such an amazing show and deserves to be seen at will!

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Are you serious?

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Hopefully Never!

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forget Beverly hills, what about saved by the bell????

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Until you can buy the DVD – you could just buy this

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yes, cdragon: saved by the bell popped
up in my head when I read this!! ;) I absolutely loved that show. Beverly hills… Ive actualy never seen one episode. Haha.

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Jeeesh! I thought someone would be interested in this! It was a great show people! The 90s!!! :)

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Saved by the Bell is now on Netflix Watch Now (I think so, at least, since my wife wouldn’t let me watch it :-)

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I may be a minority on this one, but I’d sooner forget the 90’s than the 80’s…..even if it supposedly the decade that style forgot.

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Entire Run of Saved By the Bell is currently out on DVD.

Seasons 1 – 4 of Beverly Hills 90210 are out as well. It took longer than usual as Fox was attempting to secure the rights to the music used at the time. Apparently they could not in many cases so they have had to substitue music in for many episodes.

And say what you will but 90210 did have a cultural impact.

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TVShowsOnDVD keeps track of all the news for releases of every TV show.

So, according to , season 5 is coming out July 29th.

JonnyCeltics's avatar seems like somewhat of a bogus website.

Check here:

Says that DVD basically have been released every year since 2005, which is untrue. The search continues!

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What you were looking at were press releases, rumors, and news tidbits of (then) upcoming releases, which occur way in advance of an actual release. Here’s where the actual release schedule is:

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