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Whatever happened to ..... ?

Asked by CaptainHarley (22437points) September 10th, 2011

There was recently a 50-year reunion of my high school graduating class. I didn’t attend because I felt no need to renew acquaintences from that long ago. I did, however, contribute a brief autobiography to a compilation of them. It’s interesting to see how life happened to all of us. Are most of you too young to get melancoly about reunions, or are enough of you old enough to think “remember when… ” and “whatever happened to… ?” Regrets?

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I feel the same as you do. Thing is, I’m 23 haha. I don’t feel the need to see how everyone is doing face to face. That’s what FaceBook is for, for me anyhow. As much as I love all my experiences growing up, my ties have trickled down to about 4 good friends from highschool. All my new friends are people who have the same interests and drive as me now. Incidentally, these new friends come from college. I’ve got the one foot in front of the other, and walking out the door syndrome.

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As a matter of fact, I’m going to a 40th high school reunion next weekend. It will be the first for me since my 5-year reunion, which was kind of a bust. Out of about 400 people (around 50 attending), there are maybe two people that I really want to see again.

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There were two people I wanted to see again too, but they were both dead… one from an explosion ( he worked with explosives ), and another in Vietnam.

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My husband had his 35th high school reunion a month or so ago. They had a little memorial table set up for the people in the class who had died. We were standing there looking at the yearbook and my husband was talking with a couple of classmates. He told one of his former classmates that he didn’t know if anyone had noticed, but so-and-so wasn’t listed as a deceased classmate even though he’d been dead for years now.

The guy said, “He isn’t dead. He’s living in Boston and is an actor.” My husband said, “I’ve had him dead all of these years. Well, it is good to know he’s alive.”

Sorry. I thought it was funny.

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Rumors of my recent demise are greatly exaggerated! : D

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@CaptainHarley I didn’t think you were a day over 55.

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Recently I’ve been getting invitations on Facebook to attend a graduate reunion from the school I went to. Graduation was about ten years ago.

Thing is, I dropped out and never graduated lol. Why am I getting invites? I’m not even in the same province anymore.

But I don’t feel melancholy about stuff like that. They were just people I knew, for the most part.

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A guy showed up at my husband’s reunion from their class who didn’t graduate with them. He went in the service to keep out of trouble. Everyone was very happy to see him. He mentioned the fact he really didn’t graduate with them and nobody else mentioned it or seemed to care to be honest. Everyone had fun.

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The girl I was enamored with all through High School admitted she felt the same feelings about me at the 20 year reunion. She has led an exemplary life, I felt a pride that I might have impacted her positively.

You may consider contacting these folks to tell them that you wish them well, I found the reunion to be a surprisingly positive experience.

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I avoid them like the plague!

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I could count all the people I associated with on the fingers of one hand…maybe. And I’ve not been back to by old stompin grounds since then. I doubt many would remember who I was so I can’t see traveling 2000 miles for that. People drift apart and get new people.

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I have never been to a reunion before and have not quite experienced the situation of this question, but something akin to it. On my birthday this year, a couple of friends from high school kidnapped me after work and we talked for a couple of hours. They started telling me about what a lot of students from our class were married, had kids, moved to a different state, joined the armed services, left the country. It was incredibly surreal. I hadn’t thought about any of those people in a long time and didn’t really think about the lives they had been living after graduation.

I can only imagine how much stranger this is going to feel as I grow older.

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I would have zero interest in a reunion. My 10 year reunion is due in 2013 (if there’s one organised that is) I won’t be there. I’ve remained close to my friends and after that I’m not interested. While I wish everyone well, I don’t have any particular interest in meeting them to find out what they’re doing with their lives.

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Not the same thing really. Is that copyrighted?

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LOL! Very similar title, but that’s about it. You can sue me if you like. : D

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Hah! Even the RUMORS of my youth are getting old! : D

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I only went to one of my wife’s reunions, in order to see one person. Wife and I were both friends of hers and I just had to see this, again, for myself.

Sure enough, she was at the reunion. I sneaked up behind her and attempted to put my hands over her eyes, to surprise her. I had to be very careful in doing so, because…..................

She was 6 ft. 10 in. tall !!!!!! Five inches taller than me.

No, she was not a freak, she was a pretty woman with the best personality and I kinda think she liked me…...a little.

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@CaptainHarley No you keep your money, you can let me ride on your bike though!
@woodcutter Hey, notice the wink? It was a joke, yes that’s right, a joke!

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SIX-TEN??? OMG! I’m never even met a GUY that tall, much less a woman! Bet it made slow dancing more interesting! : D

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No, take the money or hold your peace. I don’t even let my best friend ride my Harley! : P

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Oh, hogwash!!

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Now THAT is some funny shit right there! ROFLMAO!

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@CaptainHarley Bet it made slow dancing more interesting! : D

Sounds like a dream come true. Resting my head against breasts is so incredibly relaxing…pure heaven.

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Hahahahahaha! WOOT! : )

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I never went to my high school reunion. I was a total nerd in high school, totally uninterested in sports, couldn’t catch a baseball to save my life in phys ed, despised by bullies around the world, and had very few friends.

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You sound much like me when I was in high school.

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