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Are video game writers required to have a basic knowledge of programming and game development?

Asked by noservice (335points) September 10th, 2011

I understand there are certain programs like RPG Maker and Game Maker that have a simplified interface for people with little programming history (like me) to create games easily.

But can a writer actually break into the industry knowing little to nothing about programming and still be asked to write for a game’s story?

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It is hard to break into that industry even if you do have the programing skills; I know a few people who have tried.

But yes, it is entirely possible to get into the field without any programming skills.

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Sure thing, it is possible, but it’s very hard. Speaking of those game editors, try a software called “Game Editor”. It’s really the best of those I found yet, just saying. See here.

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If one works in a team he may be the one with the imagination ^^
I say this because a lot of times game developers chose a book to put into a game because they have no other ideas.

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Tools like RPG Maker and Game Maker are intended for amateurs to write their own home-grown games. Professionals use serious programming languages like C, Java, Perl, etc., etc., or even assembler for utmost performance and framerates). You’ll need a degree in Computer Science at the very least just to get any programming job, never mind games.

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Look at Hideo Kojima, I don’t think he’s a programmer, and he just, well, makes some of the best games ever.

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You forgot Kazunori Yamauchi ; he is a professional race car driver who also helped design the Nissan GT-R.

Then again, I suppose nobody else here ever heard of the Gran Turismo series…

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